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Old 03-05-2018, 07:59 AM
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Default Breeding jewelled Lacertas

Hi, I have a breeding trio 1 male and two females and they are currently only 10 months old. I have been reading up on breeding info and most of it explains that they are not usually sexually mature until 2 years ish, however both females have been mating with the male, 1 has already laid two clutches of eggs and the other is currently gravid. My question is are they sexually mature if they are laying or are they just practising? I have incubated the eggs but not sure if they will come to anything as my lizards are so young. Are they too young to be mating??

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Old 03-05-2018, 09:48 AM
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They may be sexually mature enough to produce eggs but it doesn't mean that they should be bred at such a young age. They do need time to fully mature, it's no different to humans. Breeding at a young age will hold more risks, they should have been separated until old enough to breed safely.
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Old 03-05-2018, 12:16 PM
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As they age, unless kept in very large enclosures the male will partner off with an 'Alpha' female. The Beta animal will be ejected from the group. Trios do work but in large outdoor pens usually.

This is a species that will breed constantly if allowed to do so, at a great detriment to the female. She must be allowed to build back reserves.

They require a fairly high UV index in the summer months and a Brumation over the winter to do well.

These are obligate omnivores. They will and should be allowed to eat a wide range of foods from a little plant matter to vertebrates and a wide range of inverts.

I feed pink mice every once in a while alongside as much live invert as I can. I then use a mix of OmniGold and InsectiGold to further increase variety,

It may even pay to split the pair from time to time. We did last year and both male and female built back fats and tone.

A well worthwhile species to work with, I wish you every success!

But keep in mind that they will breed themselves into malnutrition if allowed
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Slow down!!

Two things, first, just because they are physically able, doesnt mean its a good idea to breed yet, they need to be in good condition i would hold off and get them more established and decent shape first.

second, if you have to ask questions about feeding (you have another thread up) then are you really in the position to be breeding them? You need to learn more about them before you do imo.
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Old 11-05-2018, 08:00 AM
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Default Breeding Jewelled lacertas

Thanks so much for all your helpful advice. They are now separated. When I bought them they were being sold as a trio, I had requested to purchase only the male but they insisted that they went as a trio. I was naive to think that they would get along fine with no breeding issues. I also was unaware of their age until I received their certificate. I didn't buy them to breed it just happened. So We will hold off that for a couple of years. They are all eating and pooing well and already hand feeding
Thanks again
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Originally Posted by Jezza2010 View Post
..... however both females have been mating with the male....
Interesting how you phrased it. I would say it is the other way around.

Glad to see you've followed what was said on here, and now you know the ages for certain, have separated them.
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