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Default Chinese water dragon tap water

Hi guys, I'm very soon going to buying my CWD hatchling in about a months time, so far I have got all the lighting correct the viv side of things is all but sorted.

Now I'm going to be having a big 65 litre container inside the viv made to look like a natural pond area that the dragon will be able to swim in and go completely under if he wants being a hatchling it won't be full right up obviously. But as regards to the topic title is it ok to use tap water for the pond? I will be having a internal fish filter (non UV) in the pond to keep it circulated clean and moving with a spray bar so he can see the water moving like a waterfall, but I'm unsure if the chemicals/chlorine in tap water will be dangerous to them, as with my other reptiles I just put in some REPTISAFE water conditioner in there small bowl which uses a few drops, but with 65 litres worth that amount of water I would be using loads of conditioner and soon be buying water conditioner very often and becoming expensive. What do you other guys do who have a pond area in your viv's?? Or any running water for other setups? Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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I use tap water, always have done and had no issues. My fella spends plenty of time in his pool so Iíd say that heís ok with tap water.

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water dragon tap water

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