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Default Heartbroken - Beardie passed away


I feel so sad this morning, my lovely boy Ozzy passed away in his sleep last night. It was totally unexpected.

He had gone over to the cool side of his viv as normal at about 8.30pm, he then dug himself in little bit and went to sleep, same as he does every night. When I looked at him around 11pm his mouth was slightly open (like he was hot) and had some substrate in it - thought it was a bit strange but he seemed fine so I went to bed.

This morning he was in the same position, still with his mouth open and substrate in - alarm bells go off. I pick him up and he had gone. Absolutely heartbroken.

We adopted him a few months ago from our local reptile shop, where we got our royal from. He had been neglected,kept without heat for a while and wrong lighting in a filthy viv. I took him to the reptile vet, he was wormed and apart from that he was ok? We didn't know how old he was.

He never ate a huge amount and we always struggled to get him to eat any veg, in fact a few days ago I spoke to the shop to discuss this.

His lighting, temperatures etc were all fine and we kept him on beardie life substrate. A few days ago I changed it to desert life as I couldn't get beardie life - it is probably a coincidence but I'm worried it may have been that. To be honest I wont know what it was and it wont make me feel better anyway.

Just wanted to share, I'll miss him so much

Sleep tight Oswald xx
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Rip Oswald.
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I've just spoken to the vet. He is leaning towards Ozzy having passed away from having yellow fungus.

It doesn't make me feel better but at least I know it wasn't may fault
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So sorry for your loss. As he had a bad life before you it could have been a number of things that caused it. At least he had some care and love for his last few months.
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Thank you Debbie. That means a lot. You are right, it could have been a number of things. He was very much loved that's for sure.

I wont tell you what I think about the person that had him before me
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So sorry for your loss xxx
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