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AAronCap 29-07-2018 07:38 AM

My Five Lined Dumpy Family!
This is the beginning post of my update thread for my two exotic setups my Southeastern Five Lined Skinks and my Dumpy Tree Frogs. I will talk about their setups, provide care and display videos from my YouTube channel.

Dumpy Tree Frogs

I just completed their build and the frogs are in their setup tonight as I write this. Just some small pieces need adjustments. In this setup it's a 24x18x36 Exo Terra Terrarium with Exo Terra UVB Compact Lights and a T5 Fixture by Odyssea. I am going to connect my old Monsoon RS400 and a Repti Temp controller for temperature. I had my frogs in a 55 gallon and finally I can say the frogs look very happy. They are about 2-2.5 inches and can't jump the entire length of the tank. The frogs were very interested in how high they could climb. They didn't think they could climb up to the top meaning climb 36 inches high so they went down closer to where their plants are at around 20 inches. There is also a male Betta Fish in this setup.

The Skinks are about to have their setup made and in their setup it will house three Skinks, five Millipedes, 2 Snails, and some small fish. It will be a 30 Gallon that will have a fogger and some other devices. I'll have to make a new post soon. This setup will be very unique as 3 inhabitants that would interact in the wild (Skinks, Millipedes, and Snail) will live in the same enclosure. These are the largest Snails and Millipedes in North America and the Skinks live with the Millipedes now and there are no problems.

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AAronCap 12-08-2018 10:09 AM

Dumpy Tree Frogs & Betta Fish Vivarium is 95% complete! More news on the Five Lined Skink setup too...

I added a Bonsai Tree to the setup to make it more bushy for the frogs and they immediately checked the tree out. I didn't see them climb it yet but I have seen them on the trunk. I'm hoping to add a few plants and this setup along with the Skinks enclosure will share a Mistking Misting System which will be cool to see how the frogs respond to this. I will attempt to get a trailer of both enclosures and the other 2 pets that will make up my exotic animals for YouTube and show what is to come after I hibernate my native amphibians!
I'll be getting some extra time so I'll be finishing my White's Tree Frog Care Sheet soon! I'll have a video with the care sheet so you can understand whichever way you learn better through reading or video or both!

The Skinks are next to get a much needed update. I stopped the baby skink from escaping but I gave up on keeping them in a big setup because they didn't use the whole enclosure. I'm excited to show my male skink Pharaoh. He is so bold and dominant over his territory but I have never seen him show aggressive behavior. He has seen my American Toads and actually laid with them and now he is allowing Giant American Millipedes to live with his family. He always makes sure to evaluate whatever comes to his territory. He accepted the toads but there was one he didn't accept as much. He was more curious of it. He never hurt the toad. He also checks the invading Millipedes and senses they are harmless.

The Millipedes will eat the Skink poop and decaying plant matter. They burrow which will turn my soil and help the plants. So basically the Millipedes are servants of Pharaoh and the Skinks because they benefit the Skinks being with them. There is something coming to the enclosure to serve the Skink Dynasty. Large Land Snails are going to be added to the enclosure and these eat what the Millipedes do meaning they will benefit the Skinks being in the enclosure. This will be interesting to see Lizards living amongst the Large Invertebrate Millipedes and Snails in the enclosure.

For the future after the Skinks would pass I may just keep the Snails and Millipedes together in a bioactive setup. I'm undecided if I'd add more Skinks or something else but it would feature the Inverts.

Have you ever seen lizards and inverts living together?

Which setup sounds more interesting to you?

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wilkinss77 12-08-2018 10:24 AM

It's often done in bioactive setups with inverts added as CUC (Clean Up Crew).

AAronCap 12-08-2018 10:42 AM


Originally Posted by wilkinss77 (Post 13250993)
It's often done in bioactive setups with inverts added as CUC (Clean Up Crew).

I have never heard of people keeping Skinks with Millipedes and Snails. I have heard of Millipedes and Geckos. Are there other tanks on here with Snails?

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Mg Grows 12-08-2018 01:21 PM

Nice thread man, it's the best read so far on this forum for me. It's more like a journal.

AAronCap 12-08-2018 01:26 PM


Originally Posted by Mg Grows (Post 13251045)
Nice thread man, it's the best read so far on this forum for me. It's more like a journal.

Thanks man! I have another thread about my two larger setups on the forum also. Idk if you like frogs and toads but you can check it out too if you want.
I have a YouTube channel and a Facebook page also.

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Mg Grows 13-08-2018 12:34 AM

Well you have a new subscriber now lol.

AAronCap 17-08-2018 12:57 AM

I have some awesome news! While on vacation I managed to capture a frog in the same place where my lizards are from! And the Snails came today about 10 minutes after I got back. It looks like the Five Lined Dumpy Family will need to have an update soon!

Can you tell what frog species this is?

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AAronCap 19-08-2018 08:27 AM

The first video is being finished up here are the details...

Attaining 50 subscribers I wanted to do something special and show you all the two enclosures that are involved in this thread. I couldn't think of a better time then now with the new animals in one tank and the other being 95% finished.

There are more animals and Inverts then I thought and some didn't come out when I was filming but I got some all but 4 in the video. There are a lot of Millipedes in the one setup so I also couldn't get all of them but when I build the new kingdom for the Skink Dynasty all the inhabitants will be seen going in.

Here is a list of the inhabitants but there may be more Millipedes then I know of.

The Dumpy Family:
Max (Female)
Spurgeon (Male)
Jeremiah (Male)
Fin (Betta Fish)

The Skink Dynasty:
Pharaoh (Male Skink)
Amsi (Female Skink)
Ruby (Offspring Skink)
Male Un named Tree Frog (I think it's a Green Tree Frog)
4-8 Giant Millipedes
2 Large Virginia Land Snails

That's around 20 overall which is a lot to focus on. Since the Skink Dynasty is teeming with life the plants won't be talked about much but the plant life will be more discussed in the Dumpy Family.

Both setups will be side by side. The Skink Dynasty is not yet built. I have everything in my 75 Gallon but the ecosystem is moving to my 55 Gallon when completed.

Both kingdoms are going to have a sprayer or two inside the enclosure. I'm undecided yet which mister I will use. Both setups will be heated with Under Tank Heaters and Basking Bulbs and such to keep them hot, humid, and authentic to their natural habitat.

A small compare and contrast to the setups
There are very big differences in the setups how the animals run their ecosystems. The Dumpy Family is 3 tree frogs that are equal and all can eat the same stuff and there is no real hierarchy. These frogs are communal and like the company of one another. The frogs enjoy interacting with each other. Fin the fish is solitary and he's good with that but all 4 animals are friendly and hands on. I can feed them and work with them.

The Skink Dynasty is very different. This ecosystem is controlled by a peaceful male Skink. He is not afraid of anything that comes to his territory. Anything that does come into contact with his territory he goes to investigate it. He accepted the toads I had him with but he also can choose not to accept something. He is joined by his mate Amsi and their offspring Ruby. He is very large as some have told me he's as big as a Broadhead Skink. I have never held Pharaoh and I've only seen the Skinks eat maybe 4 times but I see lizard poop a lot. He knows the Millipedes aren't going to harm him or his family so he allows them. He doesn't interact with them much but he did investigate them. He also is smart enough to realize they are toxic so no Skink has tried a Millipede. The two females follow his lead. He doesn't care about the snails but idk if he would eat them so it's a wait and see thing. He allows the little frog also. The little frog sleeps where the lizards do so they don't have a problem.

The Dumpy Family relies on their lush forest to give them security and humidity and allow them to blend in to hunt.

The Skink Dynasty relies on the plants yes but they need the Inverts like the Millipedes to dig and turn the soil to fertilize the plants and the snails to eat decaying plant matter. The Millipedes eat poop too. The Skinks can even rely on the frog because the frog can hunt the crickets at night when the crickets could attempt to attack the lizards. This tank is truly an ecosystem because all the pieces work together.

These are going to be more featured in the winter as my main setup I will hibernate the animals.

What is something you would want to see between the two families?

Have you ever seen Millipedes breed?

Have you ever considered using land Snails in a setup?

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AAronCap 25-08-2018 07:55 AM

Happy Birthday Max...Some great updates too!

August 22nd was her 4 year birthday! She got a great surprise too. This year she got a large terrarium, she got the old Mistking that somehow won't work in my large tank but it will work for her tank. She also got some friends in Spurgeon and Jeremiah. This year might go down as the year of the White's Tree Frog.

I fed the tree frogs until they got full bellies. All the plants are doing great. Many of the plants have become close together and created a live canopy. I've never seen that before in person and it's really cool.

The Skink Dynasty are doing well. They are poised to have their enclosure become a sight to see as well. The Snails mated and so did the Millipedes. I have seen both eating the Basil plant the new Squirrel Tree Frog came with. It's still growing but it's a meal for the Inverts. I saw the Millipedes breeding of all places in the food bowl. Right beside them were three small snails.

The Skinks are doing great. I don't have more info on them I haven't seen them eat but they have been active and alert to me.

There might be something at the end of the year where I ask you all to vote which group of animals had the best year the Dumpy Family or my 125 Gallon PA Woods?

Checkout the video I made of the Five Lined Dumpy Family!
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