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Default Loose v. Unmoving Substrate

I have a couple of questions. My leopard gecko recently turned a year old and I've been wanting to, not only upgrade her to a bigger tank, but also make one a lot more natural looking and creative. What are some opinions on excavator clay? A lot of the online reviews I've seen are very mixed, but I'd love something like this to make a really unique terrarium. Secondly, I was wondering if using excavator clay (or something similar) with a loose substrate, such as eco-earth, on top would be helpful for keeping it clean. And lastly, should I give up this idea of using an unmoving substrate and just use a loose one? I love the idea of getting creative but also want to do what's best for my gecko! Any advice would be much appreciated!
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Excavator clay is good, but expensive for what it is.
You can quite easily do your own mix of sand/soil/clay substrate for a Leo, i would look around 40% topsoil, 30% sand and then 30% clay substrate mix.

Doing it this way will mean you also have enough to then do several more refills, so you would need somewhere to store what you dont use, but it works out cheaper than buying repeated batches of pre-mixed substrates.
(topsoil from a garden centre, playsan/washed fine sand from garden gentre/argos/similar and then you can get clay substrates from many pet stores (you can use excavator or similar to completely replace the sand/clay parts if you want)
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