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Old 03-02-2020, 05:25 PM
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Default Eastern Fence Lizard

Alright so my four yo found an eastern fence lizard outside our house and we THOUGHT he was dying but turns out he was most likely just going into hibernation. We never expected him to live but we took him inside and set up a tank for him. I’ve been having a hard time finding information on them since they aren’t generally kept as pets. When we realized he was probably just going into hibernation but is now fine and healthy we decided to release him again this spring when it warms up a bit. I guess my question is do you guys have any tips on care? He has a skull shaped home with a semi abrasive surface that he loves and a cactus home as well that has more of a rough surface. We played around with sticks and plants but he’s always seemed to prefer the skull. We do have a basking light and keep it between 80-90 during the day and 70-80 at night. There’s a warming pad under the tank but there’s a barrier of substrate so it never gets that warm (apparently they can’t feel heat on their bellies) but he rarely goes inside the skull unless he’s shedding. Spends most days basking. I have a water dish and I occasionally mist the walls of the tank to help with humidity and I’ve seen some people say they’re more likely to consume water that way. He has a couple plants in there and overall he seems pretty happy. He’s shed successfully once about a month after we got him and a couple months later he’s shedding again. Just wondering if you guys have any tips and if his shedding seems like a normal amount of time?? I feel like it took forever for him to shed this time but then again I don’t really know that much about them. He seems to prefer meal worms but I read somewhere that they’re hard to digest so I mostly give him crickets. Anyways sorry for the long post let me know what you guys think!
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Also we live on the east coast of the us (North Carolina) and these little babies run rampant outside our house. Their numbers are very high here and I haven’t found anything about needed a license etc to keep one
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