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ACordova 04-03-2020 10:27 PM

I got a new Leo yesterday and I’ve been keeping an eye on it through the glass but I’ve noticed the lizard walks funny, Wobbles kind of. Has a weird dent on the mouth area, maybe a wound? Poop is a bit more circle shaped not normal sausage shaped. I’m hoping it’s because of traveling overnight but my tank has a divider with holes and I’m afraid my other lizard could catch something. Should I take her to a vet? Or give it a few days for her to settle more?

jayj10125 05-03-2020 11:45 AM

Hello ACordova,

It's not uncommon for a reptile to take a couple of weeks to settle in, but a 'dent' does sound a little odd. Are you able to provide a picture? And confirm the setup, temps, etc.

If in doubt it might be best to seek advise from a vet that specialises in exotics to be safe.

vgorst 05-03-2020 03:20 PM

Firstly, I would be quarantining. A new animal should be housed as far away as possible from existing ones. A setup as simple as a RUB, heat mat and stat would do a leo for a few months.

What you've described could be a number of things. If you're concerned, a check up at the vet is the best option

ACordova 05-03-2020 04:55 PM

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I am currently keeping the Leo in a 10 gallon away from my other Leo. She had a heating mat that i have at 88 degrees, she is on paper towel and has calcium in a cap currently in her tank along with water and Vitamin dusted waxworms. She has a dent formed on her mouth and it makes me think early MBD but idk... she’s still walking a bit funny but has gotten better. Hasn’t pooped again so I can’t tell poop wise rn. I wanna schedule a vet appointment for next week but I feel it’s too soon to move her again since she’s only been with me since Tuesday.

jayj10125 05-03-2020 06:36 PM

Unfortunately it's really hard to tell from the picture provided, not seeing anything myself.

Moving the gecko will ultimately cause some level of stress, more so if it's recently been moved in. But I guess you have to weigh that up against the peace of mind of having the gecko checked.

In the same situation I would probably monitor it for now and give it a little time to settle in, but at the end of the day you have to go with your thoughts as you are looking after the gecko first hand.

It's unlikely to be anything that will spread through your collection, given you've taken steps to keep it separate.

Do you know what morph the Leopard Gecko is? Enigma for example can have Enigma Syndrome which is a neurological disorder that can cause issues with balance.

ACordova 05-03-2020 07:12 PM

An eclipse

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