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Old 03-02-2009, 12:30 PM
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iv just built them a bigger viv, it measures 3'6" x 2' x 2'
they seem a lot happier with the extra space, much better than the old 2' x 1' viv. iv got rid of the old compact uvb, its only got a lil 18" 10.0 tube in there at the mo, but iv got a 30" coming in the next couple of days so thats going in there, its still a lil cold in there, its 115f in the basking spot and about 75f everywhere else, a bit warmer on the 11" x 17" heatmat, but im going to put a second basking area in there with a bigger bulb to go along with the halogen basking area so that should warm things up a bit (prob a bit cold at the mo cause its snowy and wel cold out n the house itsnt much better) its looking a lil baron in there too, so im going to get some greenery and sume more things for them to climb. but the femail is running all over the show and jumping up everything, rather than acting all lathargic and hiding in the corners, which is great. she also comes to the glass to see me and when i open it and put my hand there she climes out onto it and sits there hapily.still need to see her eat mind you (fingers crossed she will be eatin like a gooden in the next couple of days, i managed to hand feed her a couple of little bits of apple this morning. and the male is having lots of fun too, mainly under the basking lamp. but the good thing is there both a lot more active.
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Old 05-02-2009, 12:10 PM
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the temps are fine, you shouldnt add any more.
it may also be worth either removing the heatmat or statting it so it doesnt get too hot [assuming you have the basking light on a dimmer stat and no mat stat for the heatmat]
the size viv you now have is good for babies but will be too small once they grow on.. the size you had before was way too small and im suprised you got the decent thermogradient [temp variations from oe end to the other]

glad they are both acting "normal" now
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