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my girlfriend wants to feed our lizards locust. i have been told i have to take one of the back legs of to aviod the climbing, i put themin th fridge for 10 min t slow them down but i still cant get hold of the things, is the a technique to doin this or am i ust stupid ?
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you dont have to remove the legs if you dont want to.
although some people do remove the big adults legs as they can be quite sharp.
putting locust in the fridge could kill them,they are best kept nice and warm.

grabbing a hold of them isnt too hard either just pick one up and chuck it in the viv
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Old 02-07-2009, 03:30 PM
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I keep mine in a faunarium so it is quite easy to just open the flap in the lid without them jumping out. Then I use some plastic tweezers to grab one by the back leg. Hold this locust over a plastic pot with calcium or nutrobal in for a few seconds and the locust usually drops its leg (which is still being held by the tweezers) and falls into the pot. Lid goes on the pot, quick shake and tip into viv. Job done. Hope this makes sense!!!
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as far as i know u only put them in the freezer if your rep has no use of some of its legs or is very do it so the rep doesnt get stressed as far as i know
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i keep mine in a kricket keeper. i removed the tubes though and taped up the holes. youd be better off with a similarly sized faunarium, i just happened to have a spare kricket keeper.

when i want to get them out i open the small hatch in the middle, and have an empty livefood tub handy with one side clipped in and the other end open, with nutrobal/calcium dust in there (not much, it doesnt stick to locusts as well as it does to crickets). then you just grab their big rear legs from behind. some of them are really lively and jump away, others just freeze up and are easy. youll get the hang of it though. once youve grabbed them you just drop them into the empty livefood tub. when youve got as many as you want you shake it up to cover them in dust and then i tip them loose into the viv.

they climb incredibly well, but eventually they always slip and fall. the movement of falling is generally enough to attract a hungry lizard to them, and it takes them ages to climb back up a vertical melamine wall. longer than it takes for a lizard to wander over and eat them!

P.S. im working with hatchling/small/medium locusts here. if you are feeding larger ones then everything is just bigger in scale and easier. keep them in a medium sized RUB, and because the legs are so big they are simple to grab.
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