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Default advice needed bearded dragons

Ok i have just purchased another new viv for my 2 beardies however im a little concerned by the height, could having the lights lower to them have a negative affect on them, if so whats the minimum height the light should be away from them? Also i was considering using childrens play sand as substrate the are both 7 years old so not babies, many breeders i know have said the sand is great for them and they enjoy it much more but i still have concerns. And one more thing i have read a few threads about brumnation (or however its spelt) my beardies are currently very lathergic and spend most the day with either one or both eyes shut, there are still feeding but not aswell, could this be brumnation. Any help would be appreciated, thank you
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what is the size of the viv? it can have a negative affect, if its the uv it can damage the eyes. minimum height should be at least 10" away, ideally between 10" and 12". i use childrens play sand and had no problem but personally i think its down to personal prefrence. it could be brumnation but i have not had much experience with this so not 100% sure, what are your temps like? how far away have you got the uv?
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