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Default crested gecko help!

Hey there i am buying a crested gecko today but i want a male and female if i where keep the two together how will i stop them from breeding?
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Default :)

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You couldn't..... If they want jiggy jiggys, they will have jiggy jiggys. Best keep them apart.
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Old 23-10-2011, 01:23 PM
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Ditto what Jazzy said.

Also if they are coming from different sources then you will need to quarantine so will need 2 enclosures anyway.

Females need to be a minimum of 18months and 35g before breeding.

I would recommend lots of research before rushing in.

Crested Gecko Hatchlings Available
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I agree with whats been said and I think males should be seperated from females so they have a chance to cool down and the female can build up her calcium stores.
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