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Old 14-04-2012, 10:37 PM
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I can't really comment your lighting questions as I'm far from experienced monitor keeper and the correct temps but your Bosc not eating a lot is not normal no but it doesnr meen it's sick or In danger.
if you have only just got it and constructed the habitat and put him in it's all a lot of goings on for him/her just let it settle it won't die from not eating much at the moment (as along as it is eating something) in general boscs are very greedy and I know for sure mine has never ever stopped eating until I close the door on him even then he stands up at the glass and begs for more

he does approx 20 lare dubia roaches and 5 locusts a day. 2 mice a week and once a moth he gets some egg,chicken/chicks or beef heart he is approx 1 and a half and over 2 ft long.. But he would happily do 30 or 40 plus roaches and a mouse a day if I gave it to him but that's how a lot of boscs get overweight

(small enclosures and lots of food= no exercise = fat Bosc = unhealthy Bosc... not a good look for your reptile

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yea ive heard alot about over feeding your bosc not a good thing to do what do u think off the setup then my bosc is feeding abit when no1 is watching him what other reptiles do u have
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Old 15-04-2012, 04:36 PM
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As for feeding I feed mine until he looses interest in what im offering.

He chomps around 15 adult dubias a day, by the 13-14th one he often just turns away and goes to bask like hes full. So Ive found it much better to feed him 6-7 let him bask digest a bit, then offer more in the afternoon/evening, rather than stuff him with loads at once.

My bosc recognises the sound of the tongs clicking and the reflection off the metal, so when i make the noise and open the viv he comes charging over and leaps out onto the floor to find dinner, so I wave the roach around in the tongs a bit and make sure he has to chase them a bit first.

If i just let them loose he snatches them so fast its no excercise. Now he comes to the glass to see what im doing on the computer and hes even worked out how to open the sliding glass doors, so he comes out himself and falls asleep on my keyboard. . . .
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Old 16-04-2012, 05:09 PM
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hi guys just wondering my bosc isent eating for me i know there like that for a while when they get a new home and are being moved about but he wont eat a thing and hasent for about 3 days not??? do u know long it might last
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Old 16-04-2012, 08:31 PM
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Originally Posted by feared gunner View Post
hi guys just wondering my bosc isent eating for me i know there like that for a while when they get a new home and are being moved about but he wont eat a thing and hasent for about 3 days not??? do u know long it might last

Moving house,

2weeks to a month typicall before they settle in normally.
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Originally Posted by AOTP View Post
Ok when I first joined I was probably where you are now, read a few care sheets like any interested keeper would but still arn't convinced by the info.

I got slapped about a bit on here with my outdated info but instead of getting all angry about it, i asked more questions and took some advice and went and bought a proper book and now im much more clued up and happy about my bosc care. So first off a thanks to the people who know their stuff.

Now onto Bosc's apart from being awesome, im sure youve read they grow quite big, and when young eat lots.

So start thinking about a bigger viv unless you already got one over 6 feet long by 4 deep. . .

Then I'd get a dubia roach colony a big one and start breeding those suckers, my bosc (not adult) goes through around 10-15 a day with a side order of locusts, and a mouse, better start roaches early or you will pay lots for livefood, LOTS!

Get those temps up!! If like me you read a care guide and listened to the muppets in the shops who told you anything less than a 130f bask spot surface temp, you wanna raise them up up UP!

Give him enough depth of dirt to dig in as it makes them feel safe and its good excercise, most people on here use sand/soil mix ratio anyone please?? =)

Go find the book by Daniel Bennet and Ravi Thakoordyal, its actually good, I got mine in the post a day or so ago, its fantastic, i then threw my other "Varanid" books in the loft as heresy.

And last but not least love that little fella, because one day he will be a big fella if all goes well
Wont get much better advice than that
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Old 17-04-2012, 07:02 PM
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Ratio should be 60/40% or 70/30% soil/sand

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Hey, just about the eating thing, I'm not expert;

my male ate the day I got him home, but my female took well over a week to eat properly, sometimes they take time. Just leave him alone, don't open the viv except to clean him out or change water; they can go a while without food, offer him something in a day or so. They can get very stressed as with any reptile.
I put a bit of boiled egg in with my female on the 8th day of her not eating and she ate that. Then I offered her a mouse two days later and she snapped it up...She was about the same age as yours when I got her, now she's 3. But all Boscs are different...

Idealistically, I found, babies should eat at least every other day. As for over feeding, mine move around A LOT, so I feed them both until they are full 3-4 times a week, but like I said they are 3 now and some Boscs can be lazy buggers.

I don't know if this helps...

I have my two in an 8ft X 4ft X 4ft viv, but we're looking at up-sizing.
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Yea thanks very much it helps a lot he's started to shed so that could be y he's not eating? He's lively enough thou but just walks past the locusts and meal worms and every thing else I try with him
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Old 18-04-2012, 03:48 AM
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Sounds like you've got a typical nervous baby on your hands!

Feared gunner, I wouldn't panic - my Monty was the same. Didn't want to eat in the beginning. He got stick thin and I'm sure he has stunted growth he was so off his food those first few months!
He hid all the time, too.... but if he didn't know I was there he was out and about, so I knew he wasn't sick! But he was absolutely terrified of people though.
Maybe he suffered too many gawping children tapping on the glass when he was in the shop, and me acting on bad advice with force-taming reaaaaallly didn't help his stress levels :P The closest I can come to comparing their mentality is to that of a cat. They come to you when they're ready, and right now, you've got a wild cat who's very skittish... it's going to take time to build his trust so he'll eat with you nearby.

In all your encounters with him, you need to give your new baby time, give him space - NO sudden movements from the moment you're in view of his tank or he'll think you're a predator and panic sets in, along with stress, which is what you want to avoid at all costs, especially after the big upheaval of moving to live with you.
When it comes to feeding time, cleaning time, or just checking you still have a monitor in there somewhere (!) keep babbling softly to him when you're going to approach the tank, and always open it slowly and quietly.

By announcing yourself in this way, he knows you're there, loud and clear, rather than a scary ninja. And never approach him at his tail or side. Don't try and handle him yet, he might seem fine, but trust me, that quiet behaviour is a form of playing dead. He'll soon learn ultimate escape techniques and hiss like a little devil in your hands if you keep it up at his age... and that's really no fun if he decides to keep up with that when he's a lot bigger Avoid friends handling him or being nearby if they are particularly loud, hyper, or move a lot. That's going to make him scared. Get those types to sit far away! :P

For now, get him used to your hands by putting them near where he is in the cage. Always approach at his face, at his level, so he's got full view of you. That means he's in control and can sniff you and keep an eye on you, and if you think that seems dangerous (a) if he was to bite, he'll bite about as hard as a clothes peg right now, and (b) monitors aren't as daft as snakes - they won't think, ohhh, food! Going to their face is a mark of respect. I still do it to Monty, though I always offer him a closed fist to flick a tongue at, just in case, and so he knows it's me. He always relaxes when he smells its me or the other half. The prey mentality takes years to disappear.

The reason for this is monitor surival instincts... A predator would pounce from his blind spots, so by not behaving like that you're automatically something else, and while still a huge scary monster, you're not a predator sneaking up on him (Monty STILL has moments where he freaks out if I've let him wander and need to save him from his adventures and have to approach him from behind, especially if he's been near the windows and gets a bit skittish, and that's nearly two years since I got him).

Eventually, by always being calm and respectful, your little baby will learn to trust this big lumbering monster, and you can work your way up to stroking and then handling. But first, it's proximity you've got to work on. Baby steps with your baby

Basically, what you're up against is hardwired "I'm a teeny tiny bit of prey" mentality that's cooked into them until they're big enough to scare things off in the wild with a huff and a puff and whip of a tail.
Give him a year, and I promise he'll be a totally different lizard that you can cuddle with, have giggles while he explores your hair, or just be snuggled up in your lap, chilling by your side as you watch tv, fall asleep with on the sofa, or just walk around cradling in your arms or sitting with his head on your shoulder. I find it priceless answering the door with Monty on my arm to Jehovah's Witnesses

And lastly, in regards to him not feeding - checking he's not dead every half an hour by lifting up his bark is just going to stress him. Trust their tough nature. Try him on pinkies, egg, mealworms, worms from the garden, locusts without legs, anything... My Monty hated mealworms, sometimes tolerated waxworms, but really just hated everything except pinkies - I think that's because he's just too damned lazy to chew his food! Feed your baby with food in a bowl and back off out of the room is my best advice. He will eat if you let him de-stress. And don't expect him to be toilet trained straight away. He'll go wherever he pleases when he's little, but he will eventually stick to a routine when he's older, so keep that water tray clean :P

Realistically you're looking at months before he becomes anything you can even start to handle, but, it will be SO worth it You'll have an intelligent miniature dinosaur who looks you right in the eye and enjoys coming out for cuddles, baths and fuss. That is worth every day of heartache while the little baby shuns you as if you were the devil himself.

Good luck and let us know how you're getting on!
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