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Old 01-08-2005, 10:17 AM
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Default Newbie in need of some advice (bearded dragon)

Firtsly hi to you all this is my first post, I am looking for some advice on bearded dragons and setting up a viv for it, I am fairly new to reptile keeping I have only ever kept a Leopard Geko a few years ago now. I would like to know where there are some recomended shops in west mids I live near Birmingham (south of birmingham), I have been to a couple of shops and one of them quoted me £280 for a complete setup inc the dragon is this a fair price ? any advice would be gratefully appreciated.
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Hello and welcome,

Im not too sure really but i've seen beardies for around £50 each. Josh is selling two 9 month old ones with full setup (everything included) for £200.

I want them but im not sure i have the space to keep them i'll keep trying, but you are welcome to ask him yourself.

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Hi I live in Worcestershire which is about 25mins or so from south Birmingham , i have owned Bearded dragons for 5 yrs now i have 3 in all 2 males and 1 female I bought mine from my local reptile shop , they go from £45 for babies and upto £150 or so for adults. I would recomend building your own viv it's more cost affected and you can make it to match the same effect wood as your living room furniture lol ( or what ever room your beardies would live in ) and buy your beardie or beardies after you have set up the viv. You can set your viv up a few days before then to make sure u get all the temps and so on to the right levels(Bearded dragons require hot temperature and require a basking site with temperatures of 90-100F. The ambient air temperature should be 80-84ºF. A night time temperature drop to 65-75ºF is ideal. Due to its diurnal desert environment a strong (5.0 – 8.0) UV emitting lamp must be used for a period of 12-14 hours a day & changed ever six moths.) I would also recomend u have a look for a reptile shop in birmingham, closest as possible , better for the beardie to travel for the smallest amount of time possible especally if it is a baby you buy . Not sure how close it would be for you but I found this link for you Tips when buying , always buy the fatest , happest looking 1 lol , Don't buy any that look really thin or the runt of the lot even if he looks so small and cute , that one will probabily die in a day or so especially if there are 10 or more babie beardies together in 1 tank as there would be fights over the food. Male bearded dragons are highly territorial and two males should never be housed together.
Good luck with your new pet.
If you need any more help or have any questions please let me know and I will do my best to help you. :wink:
Please view my web site we will be setting up soon and will be offering a delivery service for reptile food and accessories.
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