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Default crestie help

Hey guys I got my first 2 animals on saturday (woohoo), both of which a crested geckos, one male and one female. The problem is ive tried crickets, baby food and gecko food powder that yiu mix with water, but they wont touch anything. Ive took them out every day for some interaction, and they seem fine then. I also know there's no bullying going in as they tend to lie and sleep together.

Please help, im really worried!

P.s. is crested gecko diet the same thing as the powdered gecko food? Just so I know, because the latter was all I could find st my local pets at home.

Thanks guys
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Old 27-02-2013, 08:21 AM
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All new reptiles need a few weeks to settle in and during that time it is best to leave them alone , no handling. It is quite normal during that time for them not to eat a lot. I would suggest you give them what they were being feed by their previous owner. For someone who has little experience I would consider separating them as you will get eggs, she is probably already gravid and you will be getting babies soon. When you are more confident with them you could put them back together. I am not telling you what to do just advising what would be best for you and your new babies
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Sue is spot on Matt.
You should be feeding them Repashy Crested Gecko diet daily and small crickets 1 or 2 times a week. I take my repashy out in the morning when i put my lights on, and put it back at night when they go off.

Once they have settled it's worth slowly introducing your self to them let them get used to your scent, dont try handling them maybe try feeding some Repashy on a spoon hold it in front of them but avoid making contact in effect make them come to you. You can offer your hand but at this point they wont be jumping onboard.

What tank are they in?
What lights \heat are you using
Any pics would be a good idea so we can check your setup is right
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I only have one crestie so can't comment properly on cohabitating but from what I've read on here keeping 1 male and 1 female together is a bad idea as the male will just constantly want to mate with the female and can stress her and make her ill and stressed. I would separate them even if they seem friendly. it can appear to look friendly but is really a show of dominance etc.
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yes how old are these?
They shuldnt not be being kept together if you are keeping them together hun.
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i agree with above, i would separate them, she might be to small or young to be mated with, also he will keep on pestering her and she will be gravid (pregnant) all the time, she will be run down and stressed out with the male not leaving her alone.
when they are of a proper weight you could put them together for a short while if you want to breed them then separate them again.
i just don't think it's fair to keep a male and female in the same viv, in the wild she could get away but not in a cage she is trapped.
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