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  1. Bradley
    29-11-2010 06:58 PM - permalink
    Might sell a few leos aswell but dunno see what next season brings im trying to prduce super hypo carrot tail badies with at least 75% carrot tail have got about 50% atm
  2. dazlle
    29-11-2010 11:49 AM - permalink
    yeah he's wicked n only having a feeler on him. Yeah I'm gonna be selling about 5 or 6 leos soon gonna concentrate on snow morphs I think if this year is another blank then thinking bout cutting right down but I'm gonna build a new incubator cos I think that's what the problem this year. Thinking bout prises too. Have to wait n see wot hatches. Got a few cresties so gonna have a punt at them lol their so cool.
  3. Bradley
    28-11-2010 05:07 PM - permalink
    hi hws your lot doing. seen you were offering your cham to someone. bet hes quite colorful now. what geckos are you planning to breed next year? dont know if i will breed mine. im having trouble just gettig rid of one lol
  4. Bradley
    05-11-2010 09:44 AM - permalink
    tried mealworms my self but dad wont have them in the house byut got a rep shed now which is being insulated atm so when its warm enough i can start breeding. i was doing crickets aswell but with the cols not many feeders breed to well. The cham ok?
  5. dazlle
    05-11-2010 09:42 AM - permalink
    it's not lol. haven't really checked tbh breeding meal worms really well tho
  6. Bradley
    05-11-2010 09:40 AM - permalink
    will be mainly high quality super hypo tangerine carrot tails some het tremper and may be getting another male with tremper in. if you have a ss tremper next year though let me know as i wouls love a male. Also hows the dubia colony going?
  7. dazlle
    04-11-2010 10:50 PM - permalink
    Just posted some new pictures up

    gonna be working mainly with snows. trying to get some super snow engimas, patternless super snows and more tremper super snows.
    wot about u?
  8. Bradley
    04-11-2010 07:39 PM - permalink
    Yh im fine i only had 1 leo hatch this year but still aint sold i its 11 weeks old now. The cham is fine. getting a male panther and a pair of ackies this christmas. Crestie are nive. what morphs u got? hows the cham aswell. ad what are your leo plans. You beeding yor ss tremper to anything nice?
  9. dazlle
    04-11-2010 01:43 PM - permalink
    hey buddy how are you??
    hows the reps?
    I've invested in some crestis now and wqorked out wot i'm doing with the leos nxt year
  10. dazlle
    10-10-2010 12:36 PM - permalink
    no nothing this year but hopefully next year

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