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Leopard Gecko's
Name: Tweak 
Morph: Mack Snow 
Weight before breeding: at least 54g 
Life history: I got tweak (originally named Pebbles) from a lovely forum...
Name: Spawn 
Morph: Mack Snow Enigma 
Weight before breeding: 69g 
Life history: Spawn came to me from rmckevitt on the forum, a stunning...
Name: Midnight 
Morph: Midnight blizzard 
Weight before breeding: N/A as she is still a juvenile (growing like a weed though!) 
Life history: I...
Name: Pumpkin 
Morph: Mack Snow Albino 
Weight before breeding: 56g 
Life history: Originally from rmckevitt on the forum (who i must stress is...
Name: Morph 
Morph: Creamsicle 
Weight before breeding: 53g 
Life history: Bought from BYG, Beetlejuice's sister. This picture says it all for...
Name: Beetlejuice 
Morph: Creamsicle 
Weight before breeding: 52g 
Life history: Bought her from BYG in Doncaster, weighing just 7g! Suffice to...
Beetlejuice mug shot

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