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The Zoo
Bones fired up
Nemi pwning a n00b (as dictated by my oh-so-geeky flatmate...)
Zombeh, male chinese cave gecko
Turvy, female line gecko
Topsy, male line gecko
Spooky, unsexed crested gecko (very pretty too! lol)
Creepy, male crested gecko (VERY pretty boy)
Bones, female red crested gecko
Skele, unsexed crested gecko
Nox's eggs (duds as she's not been with a male yet)
Nox, female CWD
Nintendo (had her legs bitten off! regrowing really well now, amazingly quickly!)
Nemesis (Nemi) western hognose
Morticia (Hyloxalus azureiventris female)
Lucifer (Luci) young female BRB (apologies for poor pic!)
Fuago asta la Waygo
Fred - yemen chameleon male
Fang - Boiga cyanea
Bobbehrella (Dendrobates azureus, looking female)
Benjamima (Dendrobates azureus, looking male)
Adele, yemen chameleon female

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