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Conversation Between cubeykc and Punchfish
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  1. cubeykc
    12-01-2010 09:34 PM - permalink
    are good man yer iv been busy with work and the boy so i havnt had much time tbh so how are the sleepless nights treating you?
  2. Punchfish
    12-01-2010 09:18 PM - permalink
    Aye shes doing great, yeah we have a little boy Alex now. Hes pretty cool 14 weeks old now. What you been up to? Aint seen you on here in a while like.
  3. cubeykc
    12-01-2010 10:23 AM - permalink
    alright buddy hows the mrs and baby i take it shes had it
  4. cubeykc
    14-06-2009 04:49 PM - permalink
    alright chap ill add you when im next on halo 3 is not that bad of a game my gt is

    master newts
  5. Punchfish
    14-06-2009 02:04 PM - permalink
    Hey man I got my xbox, all I got now is Halo 3 and GTA4 - gamertag is FatPunchfish.
  6. cubeykc
    11-05-2009 12:34 AM - permalink
    shooting games you need call of duty 4, call of duty world at wat, gears of war 1 + 2, halo 3 fighting depends what you like street fighter is ok if you like street fighter i dont play much apart from call of duty and fable 2 so i cant really help you with fighting games m8 you will have to let me know what your game tag is when you get it and ill add you
  7. Punchfish
    10-05-2009 09:01 PM - permalink
    Yeah shooting and fighting games.
  8. cubeykc
    10-05-2009 08:37 PM - permalink
    lol alex is a nice name m8 and as for xbox its not to bad there are to ways of doing it first way is you can pay £5 a month or £35-£40 for a 12 month card and there are loads of good games out there what kind of games you into shooter? racing? fighting?
  9. Punchfish
    10-05-2009 07:44 PM - permalink
    Aye I'm good too. My brother in law is giving me an xbox elite, what games should I get? Also is Xbox live expensive? For names we are thinking Matthew or Alex, I was hoping for Wolfgang or Clint.
  10. cubeykc
    10-05-2009 11:30 AM - permalink
    yer im good chap you? and nice one any name ideas for him yet?

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