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  1. wesley
    25-10-2009 10:53 AM - permalink
    not really i live in ipswich
  2. Dan2211
    24-10-2009 06:05 PM - permalink
    So r u newhere near midlands wesley
  3. wesley
    10-07-2009 10:48 PM - permalink
    dont worry all normal behaviour. most snakes as babies are strikers, curl up, piss on you or shake there tail as not used to being handled they just very wary of everything. jazz is right they dont like being touched on head few snakes do if any. doesnt matter if captive bred or farmed they will do the same.( some more than others)
  4. wesley
    06-07-2009 10:37 PM - permalink
    good m8 tht ok. be carefull with light sorce being on a stat as u could end up goin through alot of bulbs lol
  5. wesley
    06-07-2009 09:39 PM - permalink
    what size is viv? the behavour of snake can help u . eg if constantly in water bowl an at cool end then 2 hot, if always hot end 2 cold. hope bulb ceramic? dont use alot of beddin. best 2 place the sensor bout a inch above beddin. as snake isnt arboreal. do u use a light sorce for during the day?
  6. wesley
    04-07-2009 02:32 PM - permalink
    u will see him goin hollow he will flattin out and underneath will go inward. how long has he gone so far? if he was a good size when u got him u dont have 2 worry atm. but try and do things suggested get viv sorted first. once tht done give it few days and try then.
  7. wesley
    04-07-2009 05:10 AM - permalink
    yea get a mat. put it on same side as bulb. when snake is goin to shed it will go grey milky blue then clear when it goes clear spray in viv. depends on how nuch you feed them and age.
  8. wesley
    03-07-2009 12:08 PM - permalink
    pieds are goin for anywhere between 1500 - 2000 depending on the percentage of white they have
  9. wesley
    03-07-2009 12:06 PM - permalink
    hello dan, do u have a heat mat aswell? if not dont understand y the shop said to use a bulb as they arent known to be very arboreal. test the temp e.g put bulb on during the day check temp near where royal can get to by bulb (basking area) and in cooling area. raise stat temp to see how often the bulb comes on and then test temp again.
    feeding if cutting mouse open doesnt work also try feeding him in a small tub over night in viv. best to sort temperature out first as when you got temp right he might jus eat as normal. have you got place were he can hide?
    mister: you dont need to get a mister just make sure that when hes goin to shed you raise the humidity by spraying in viv to help him shed. spray wen he goes clear after goin blue. because if you spray to much an to often he will get a respritory infection (if left).
  10. Dan2211
    02-07-2009 09:04 PM - permalink
    alrite m8

    How my are the pied morphs goin 4 m8

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