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  1. Dracyia
    24-07-2008 08:39 PM - permalink
    2 foot viv is plenty. great fun to watch them climbing at night and things.
  2. 88elliot88
    24-07-2008 06:46 PM - permalink
    cool how big are there vivs usually? - to last there life, ill probably think about getting one then just gotta bribe my dad that they're cheap and easy to have
  3. Dracyia
    24-07-2008 05:25 PM - permalink
    Well his heat mat is around 20 cm squared on all day and night. As for crickets I buy them for my other pets and he generally doesn't eat them.. (he is old now) but a pack of crickets is about 3.50 usually and they will last over a month. You won't even feel the effects on the electricity. Honestly. It's about the price of running a lightbulb.
  4. 88elliot88
    24-07-2008 04:17 PM - permalink
    wow!! i always thaught they would cost quite alot and demand alot to eat aswell, how much does yours cost per month roughly?
  5. Dracyia
    24-07-2008 04:13 PM - permalink
    Scorpions are the hardiest things on the planet. They can take any punishment! All they need is a basic heat-mat, 72 degrees is perfect, a really good eater won't go through a box of crickets a month. The biggest problem is mites but regular cleaning prevents that. They don't like getting handled but get used to being picked up and transported. Very entertaining pets! And surprisingly mischevious. 20-25 to buy usually and less than 5 a month on crickets. Do like the occassional pinkey. Really low maintenance pet. Look up care plans before you buy one!

  6. 88elliot88
    23-07-2008 10:41 PM - permalink
    does your imperial cost alot to care for?

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