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Conversation Between Galaxy Girl and Dan P
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  1. Dan P
    24-10-2011 12:34 AM - permalink
    Dan P
    It's really awesome. But still expensive
  2. Galaxy Girl
    24-10-2011 12:30 AM - permalink
    Galaxy Girl
    Damn I hope you got some awesome stuff for that amount!! Lol
  3. Dan P
    24-10-2011 12:27 AM - permalink
    Dan P
    Impulse buying is annoying. I spent like 300+ in August which was like all my summer earnings gone in one
  4. Galaxy Girl
    24-10-2011 12:26 AM - permalink
    Galaxy Girl
    Yeah, I have to REALLLLLY want it, to go through asking someone to order it for me!! Lol
  5. Dan P
    24-10-2011 12:25 AM - permalink
    Dan P
    Yeah it's good. Stops impulse buying online
  6. Galaxy Girl
    24-10-2011 12:20 AM - permalink
    Galaxy Girl
    I have to give people cash and get them to order for me, it is a pain, but I feel more in control that way.
  7. Dan P
    24-10-2011 12:19 AM - permalink
    Dan P
    Same. I only have Debit cards and don't carry much money in my wallet so I am restricted it what I spend. sed to just have a cash card but I couldn't use it online for places like eBay
  8. Galaxy Girl
    24-10-2011 12:15 AM - permalink
    Galaxy Girl
    This is why I have no cards except a cash card, and that has no overdraft, orcash back options, I can draw out cash and that is it, I like it that way, I know exactly what I am spending...... Usually too much, but at least I know!!
  9. Dan P
    24-10-2011 12:12 AM - permalink
    Dan P
    Same, when I have money in my hand I am so much more aware of spending it
  10. Galaxy Girl
    24-10-2011 12:08 AM - permalink
    Galaxy Girl
    Aye, that makes it even more dangerous, you are not even having to part with the notes!! God I could never do that!! I would never stop!!

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