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Conversation Between HABU and carpy
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  1. HABU
    29-03-2009 01:03 AM - permalink
    you'll be able to relax here... we go with the flow.... it's different here
  2. carpy
    29-03-2009 12:46 AM - permalink
    haha dont worry - it will be used intensively off road! got alot of what we call green lanes round here - very challenging tracks!

    and can use the driver trainnig tracks for the squaddie soldiers as well!
  3. HABU
    29-03-2009 12:43 AM - permalink
    you gotta dog the thing... it's a tool....

    it's a nice truck.... seriously nice.
  4. carpy
    29-03-2009 12:32 AM - permalink
    ahh now that sounds good. thing with that truck is i iwll use it as my main transport as well so need to keep it reasonably decent!

    off roading is a right laugh - worth doing. will do a load when i get it!
  5. HABU
    29-03-2009 12:05 AM - permalink
    no, that's a fine 4-wheel... i used to go off-raoding with a gremlin here.... tear 'em up.

    i got to get us a couple of atv's to tool around on... a 4-wheeler atv is like manditory here... we can drive them on the roads like cars.... no cops...
  6. carpy
    28-03-2009 11:48 PM - permalink
    the photo is complimentary - it looks a little more shoddy in reality. front bumber needs work, the bottom of the doors is rusted so needs work, and the rear upper quarter panel needs a bit of sorted. nothing that a bit of handywork cant sort!

    and these things are a beast offroad!
  7. HABU
    28-03-2009 11:47 PM - permalink
    i like the truck. it fits in exactly here... just more rust here...
  8. carpy
    28-03-2009 11:30 PM - permalink
    not at all mate! should meet some of my friends from the caribbean!

    check your emails mate - got the truck there!
  9. HABU
    28-03-2009 11:23 PM - permalink
    i hope my accent wasn't too bad!!

  10. HABU
    28-03-2009 10:21 PM - permalink
    you thinking about calling?... i won't be so excited haha!!! BOY!! was i like a giggly girl!

    a link... - Shawnee State Forest Backpack Trail

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