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Conversation Between Hobgoblin and monitor mad
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  1. monitor mad
    20-12-2008 01:29 AM - permalink
    monitor mad
    Hi , pleased to see that all is well , ye iv just bought a timor monitor (australian dwarf monitor) she is gorgeous , re bosc's eating veg , no there's only 1 monitor that eats veg and thats v.olivaceous from the phillapines
  2. Hobgoblin
    19-12-2008 08:39 PM - permalink
    Hows it going there mate? I saw somewhere you were going to add another to the collection....or is that next year? OOOOOooooh whatcha gonna get? I cant wait to find lil bosc is doing fine....he no longer runs in his hide when i go in the room and will actually lie out on me for ages, hes also eaten a few mealworms but tends to go for crikets more when he sees them.......I read somewhere that you can feed them some shredded vegetables or that true?
  3. monitor mad
    10-11-2008 12:02 AM - permalink
    monitor mad
    Excellent news , sounds like your over the moon , i thought all had gone quite with yourself , now i know why , well good luck with him and post some pic's when you get sorted
  4. Hobgoblin
    09-11-2008 11:02 PM - permalink
    Finally Got the Bosc mate ....had him for a little while but had no internet as I moved house........hes a cutie and very well behaved..........
  5. monitor mad
    29-09-2008 01:02 PM - permalink
    monitor mad
    Hi hows things with you? , thanks for the vote of confidence much appreciated , also read that your expecting to get your bosc soon , bet you cant wait!! , the actual food bill douse in fact drop as your bosc gets near adult size by the way , its mainly when there putting it all into growth that they eat loads , anyway put a couple of pics up when you get him/her , looking forward to seeing the photos , and well done for all the research you did before even deciding to get one , cheers
  6. monitor mad
    11-09-2008 11:33 AM - permalink
    monitor mad
    hi there , just left another reply on your thred (whats bigger b/w tegu or bosc) you definitely started a debate there LOL , all good though!! , Dextersdad is a good guy for advise he knows his stuff also Davehuston is another good guy for advise (he loves his boscs) but it seems that a lot of good advise came from the answers received and NONE of us KNOWS it ALL and we are ALL are still learning so sharing advice and reading up/researching is the way we all accrue a bit more knowledge , ultimately "hands on experience" is one of the best ways (after you've researched how to keep them) best of luck in your choice of lizard and let us know what you decide
  7. monitor mad
    19-08-2008 07:28 AM - permalink
    monitor mad
    Hi many thanks for the comments and yes keeping in touch is great , cheers

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