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  1. RockRomantic
    29-03-2010 04:24 PM - permalink
    we've noticed shes getting bigger we have another royal python now aswell another female whos double if not triple her size and we let them out together they are in seperate vivs for housing dru's just recently gone in a new viv but there so cute with each when there out dru copies everything my other snake does it's weird and yet so fascinating, i hated snakes until we got her of you now im madly in love!!!
  2. just_one_more
    29-03-2010 03:14 PM - permalink
    aww really pleased shes settled so well! You will probably end up with a right big softy like the one I have. He's 6/7 years old and is so placid. Glad you are enjoying her - she's looking big! xxxx
  3. RockRomantic
    28-03-2010 05:11 AM - permalink
    hiya hun thought i'd give you an update of Dru she's in a new tank now and is turning into such a softie really pleased with her xxx
  4. RockRomantic
    17-01-2010 05:42 AM - permalink
    hi hun quick update with Dru as it's been a worryin week with her as she wouldn't eat, after a 2 days we tried her with a slightly bigger mouse, which she had but wouldn't come out of her hidey house for days! we lifted the house up yesterday to check on her and she hissed really loudly at us! so after a discussion we were concerned she mite be ill, so looked up a reptile vet in Manchester was meant to phone them monday but just had a look at her and she's back to her normal self and has even come out and squirmed all over my sofa, so think we were panickin for nothin! she's doin brill now which im so happy about will take more pictues at some point soon for you!!
  5. RockRomantic
    06-01-2010 09:04 PM - permalink
    she's deffinatley getting more confident with people, Chris gets her out quite easily now gets jumpy if you make a really sudden movement but she's doing so great, still feeding great, she shed not so long aswell (about 2 weeks ago)...x
  6. just_one_more
    06-01-2010 08:57 PM - permalink
    hiya hun! Aww shes looking great isn't she. Has she stopped being so jumpy now? She wasn't really aggressive just abit nervous, wasnt she. Hope you had a good xmas and new year - thanks for keeping intouch x
  7. RockRomantic
    06-01-2010 03:42 PM - permalink
    hi hun, uploaded some pictures of Dru for you to look at, she's getting so chunky! ot very good quality pictures though, put them in her her own album thought i'd let you know if you wanted to see...x
  8. just_one_more
    24-12-2009 08:27 PM - permalink
    happy christmas - hope you have a lovely time! x
  9. RockRomantic
    24-12-2009 10:43 AM - permalink
    merry xmas x
  10. just_one_more
    22-11-2009 11:03 AM - permalink
    Ahh that's brilliant, thanks for letting me know. She was just more nervous than aggressive, like most babies. She will get used to being handled and will turn out to be really soppy tame like my big one, Harry.
    She is a fantastic feeder which is brilliant as they can be a little fussy. Glad she has settled well with you and you are happy with her xx

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