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  1. karategirl
    18-02-2012 08:44 PM - permalink
    Well they are nocturnal, so during the day they will sleep... Mine usually wake up about 7pm when the curtains get closed and lights go on. So unless i have to handle during the day, i only handle in the evenings
  2. Jordz1998
    13-02-2012 10:52 PM - permalink
    I know that my Beardie goes to bed depending on light, but do Crestie's go to bed dependant on light because I was wandering..... If Crestie's are awake in the evening, then how do you handle them in the dark. Or do they sleep with their own body clock, so you can handle them in light without them thinking it's day and time for sleep. ???
  3. karategirl
    22-01-2012 09:31 PM - permalink
    I'm in Kent, probably a bit too far. Let me know what you decide on anyway!
  4. Jordz1998
    22-01-2012 09:07 PM - permalink
    I live in Hampshire/surrey area of England
  5. karategirl
    22-01-2012 08:42 PM - permalink
    Hiya, It would probably be a Crested Gecko. Leopard Gecko's are great too.... but i think that cresties have that little extra. Where you from? If you're close, you're more than welcome to come see mine. May help you decide
  6. Jordz1998
    22-01-2012 07:15 PM - permalink
    Hey, I have a Bearded Dragon and I am looking at getting some Crested Gecko's or Leopard Gecko's, but i can't decide which. Money aside, which is your favourite and why?

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