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  1. Khonsu
    28-03-2012 03:08 PM - permalink
    Serpently did, bloody MUFC, buggertitwank bastards
    27-03-2012 07:33 PM - permalink
    [email protected]
    Awesome to have ya back anyways Chuck
    Yea everyones doing Good thanks, I'm Good, Carpets are fantastic Growing Like Weeds lol. dads doing great too, He's Hating that man united...Hurts me to say... Are at top again Damn. So did you miss your babies Then? x
  3. Khonsu
    26-03-2012 08:00 PM - permalink
    Back at ya, good to be back, just a tad warmer here than on the ice, how are the rep's, all well I hope, say hello to your old man from me, see you around maybe.
    26-03-2012 07:03 PM - permalink
    [email protected]
    Hey there Aimo,
    Its Good to have ya Back... welcome bck chuck
    05-09-2011 06:28 AM - permalink
    [email protected]
  6. Khonsu
    30-08-2011 09:14 PM - permalink
    Not to bad missus, forgot the last Belper meeting but then don't suppose the world stopped without me. |Just finishing up working at Doncaster, back to matlock next week until i fly back to Antartica in November, then away until march next year, there goes crimbo again, hows tricks your end
    30-08-2011 08:22 PM - permalink
    [email protected]
    Heya hun
    Hows you doing then???
    06-06-2011 06:18 PM - permalink
    [email protected]
    Heya chuck!!
    lol sorry.. i meant your pink tongue lizard ooooops!! hahahaha your feckin hilarious Aimo hey im glad my little diva behaved that night... she was a star honestly lol

    Take care,

  9. Khonsu
    06-06-2011 04:27 PM - permalink
    "Heya aimo, yeah it was nice to see ya & your adorable pink toes!! And that handsome black king of yours aww(:"

    This could personnel, how do you know I've got pink toes & a magnificent black snake . . . . fnarr, fnarr, anyways shouldn't you be over at Belper for a sleepover ? see ya next month, enjoy the Bredl
    06-06-2011 03:54 PM - permalink
    [email protected]
    Heya aimo, yeah it was nice to see ya & your adorable pink toes!! And that handsome black king of yours aww(:

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