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Conversation Between manni and Bradley
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  1. Bradley
    13-09-2012 08:24 PM - permalink
    Any bulb you use needs to be on a stat. This stops burns, over heating and in some cases fires. The chameleons in theory should walk away when hot enough but may sit there with their mouths open trying to cool down.

    I personally dont use any night time heating but a ceramic on a stat set at 65f will do the job if you choose to heat at night.
  2. manni
    13-09-2012 07:05 PM - permalink
    hi Bradley,

    I need to pick your brains again im affraid...... been thinking about this reptibreeze setup now i understand the uv being on a timer but you say the basking lamp needs to be on a stat.

    OK i also understand that.

    what i dont get is the night time heating if its needed do you have a ceramic on a stat and a basking on a seperate stat ????

    Or do I have like I said before a basking lamp on the same timer as the uv and night heat source on a stat at night .

    I was thinking of getting a double dome one half ceramic and other basking i would have thought as and when the chams reaches its temp it would themo regulate by moving closer or further away ??? got any ideas i dont really want to keep swopping bulbs manually cheers

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