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Conversation Between Poxicator and dogears
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  1. Poxicator
    14-05-2014 05:21 PM - permalink
    As I explained below, you need to have 5 posts before you are deemed to be past the moderation time.
    As I also explained in the pm, and pointed out below, a pm is a better way to contact the mods.
    Perhaps the problem is you're not reading things properly?
  2. dogears
    14-05-2014 11:03 AM - permalink
    Hi Poxicator. I'm still waiting for the approval. Please can you kindly tell me if there is ANY sort of problem and I'll amend. 2 weeks now and still waiting!
  3. dogears
    11-05-2014 06:47 PM - permalink
    Cheers. I look forward to seeing my advert up. No need to duplicate it as it was sent a few advert is enough!...

    Edit: 13th May...Still waiting ...any idea when it will be moderated??
  4. Poxicator
    11-05-2014 04:37 PM - permalink
    I shall send a pm as its a much easier way to notify.
    The rules of the forum are that the initial postings are moderated, this is to reduce spam. After 5 posts you can use the forum as normal. There's really nothing sinister about that
  5. dogears
    10-05-2014 04:01 PM - permalink
    Hello, I'm still waiting for a reply about why my advert has not gone up?...Also have written using contact us to all the mod team and still no reply. Seems very sinister or childish to refuse to contact me!! Is this a personal issue??
  6. dogears
    08-05-2014 12:52 PM - permalink
    I posted a classified advert a few days ago to sell some T's and an automatic message said it was being sent to a moderator. A day passed and I heard nothing so I reposted. I still heard nothing. I opened a new account and reposted in case it was something technical linked to my account. Same thing! The advert was formatted to the specifications needed (included price etc). Other posts have been made but mine are not there and I've heard nothing from the mod team, although I did write to an administrator. Please can you look into this?

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