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Conversation Between shonny and corncrazy
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  1. shonny
    21-08-2010 12:50 AM - permalink
    thats fab huni..i do miss her but i know shes in extra special care yes send some pics wen u get the chance hun. x x x
  2. corncrazy
    03-08-2010 11:31 AM - permalink
    Hey! Just thought i would drop you a line just to let you know she is doing fantastic - taking large rats now and getting very spoilt by me daily lol so glad to have her back!
    Will send you some pics very soon H xxx
  3. corncrazy
    17-05-2010 04:57 PM - permalink
    Hey! Affraid i'm not on face book, We are hoping to go to the next grange night if your going it would be great to see her and you there?? I missed her soo much I got myself an albino burm hes about 9ft now would love to see lullabell tho. Hoping for some corn eggs anytime now fingers crossed. Anyway glad she is doing good hope you guys are ok and hopefully see ya soon!
  4. shonny
    16-05-2010 10:55 PM - permalink
    hi hun,if ur on facebook theres some pics on there of miss lulabell,our camera is broke so cant put pics on shes now on medium rats and gettin to be a big girl,very pamperd and gettin lots of cuddles hope ur all ok and ur collection is well!! x
  5. corncrazy
    08-03-2010 03:18 PM - permalink
    Hey! Not doing too bad, wow she is growing nicely and good news she's now taking rats! Bet she's a right spoilt brat lol x
    You'll have to send some pics xx
  6. shonny
    08-03-2010 11:07 AM - permalink
    hey hun hope ur ok.
    lulabell is fab,shes eating a small rat..still with chick but wer gettin there,shes such a sweetheart,loves cuddels while watching telly lol.
    Shes become a celeb among our friends,everyone wants cuddels with her..shes near to 4ft so growing nicely. x
  7. shonny
    02-12-2009 01:09 AM - permalink
    hehe yes she is a very spoilt lil girl,cant believe how much shes grown! x
  8. corncrazy
    02-12-2009 12:12 AM - permalink
    Glad she's doing good, being spoilt by the sounds of it! She deserves it though X
  9. shonny
    30-11-2009 12:51 PM - permalink
    hey huni thought id update u. shes doing absolutly fine,shes not taking rats or mice by themselves but i tie the mouse to the chick and she eats it everytime! i used to rub the mouse on the chick but i dnt have to do that anymore so its looking good! she gets lots of cuddles and loves exploring her viv.x x x
  10. shonny
    27-10-2009 11:41 AM - permalink
    yeah get her on small rats soon as the large mouse is a bit small for her. x

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