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Conversation Between zoezakella and erzs
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  1. zoezakella
    04-05-2011 09:46 AM - permalink
    lol you dont need a filter just a tub/container Yeh Jabba is now going in another tank an 80cm x 30cm not happy about it but needs must dont want her getting unhealthy due to her's and finleys fruitiness lol!!! Nope frogs is a new thing to me and was not trading Jabba heavens no lol just eggs but have found some tree frogs that need rescuing so might just turn to those instead of the blue poison dart frogs now decisions decisions xx
  2. erzs
    03-05-2011 11:50 PM - permalink
    I don't have anything set up for them! =[ Not even a filter! I wouldn't feel safe raising such young 'uns either! Are you having to seperate Jabba now from the two frisky males?! I saw you were looking to trade for a frog, new interest or do you already have frogs? x
  3. zoezakella
    03-05-2011 09:46 PM - permalink
    LOL have just joined frog forum aswell oh blimey what are we like!!!! yeh just selling last load tonight hopefully just had another order

    all doing good thanks sure you dont want to raise some babies.... x
  4. erzs
    03-05-2011 03:07 PM - permalink
    Hallo you! Haha, yeah there seems to be a fair few of us hangin' about the place! I am and I aren't! I keep seeing your posts about your babies tempting me!! But I've only got the two spare tanks and one is for rescue lotls and the second Jonesy might be having to himself soon as he's a fair bit smaller than his tank friends now! =S How are all the lotl babies?!
  5. zoezakella
    02-05-2011 01:36 PM - permalink
    should have known I would find some of you guys on here lol!!! Erzs are u still looking for a golden?? x

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