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Default bad gecko egg?

hi guys i was wondering if anyone can help?
my female gecko laid her first egg four days ago. the egg is out of shape and looks very yellow on the bottom.
i have candelled the egg and see a red shape with red veins going around it in a circle. i have watched candelling sites and its supposed to be a perfect circle going round at the top of the egg, however what i see is half cirle of veins at the top then continues down the side of the egg?
does this mean something has gone wrong or can it still be fertile even tho the egg has a very bad shape to it?
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If you see veins when you candle it that indicates that it was fertile and there is a viable embryo in there, so it's worth keeping and incubating. If the embryo had died early in incubation, which sometimes does just happen, then over a day or two you would probably see the veins become less distinct and some of them stop being visible when you candle the eggs, at least in my experience... I would suggest not giving up on the egg just yet, and seeing what happens.

It might help if you gave more detail about how the egg is out of shape though? Fingers crossed for your egg!
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