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Default New royal python setup help


I've recently acquired a royal python. This guy is only very young. Problem is I'm not happy with his setup. The research I did suggested using a UTH or ceramic to heat the enclosure, and the recommended temps. So I went to the store and got a setup and python, which according to my basic research was okay. This setup consists of an 80cm faunarium, aspen, 2 hides, heat mat, thermostat, water dish and digital hygrometer/thermometer.
I also bought a temp gun. This was bought with a view to upgrade later to a larger habitat. My hot spot sits at about 32.5 degrees celsius and my humidity at least 50%. My ambients and cool side however are too low, maybe around 21-23 degrees c. None of the care sheets I read initially mentioned that a heat pad alone would not raise ambient temps. I now know better, although most information conflicts and argues with other info which is incredibly confusing if you're new to the hobby!

Out of anxiety for my snake's wellbeing I bought a second heat pad to provide more of a gradient. This is also on a thermostat with a separate digital thermometer and set to about 28.5 degrees in the middle of the enclosure. This has helped slightly, but not enough.

He took his first mouse without issue (I know I'll have to convert to rats,) his second is currently sat in with him, he did have his mouth around it so waiting to see if it consumed overnight. I'm still not happy with his setup and I want to get a 3ft viv to hopefully house him in the long term with plenty of clutter so he doesn't get stressed, with an appropriate heating arrangement. I'm not sure where or what parts to use (I'm uk based) so was hoping for a list of items which I could order for delivery and setup pretty easily (I'm not the best at DIY.) because I'm still incredibly worried about my snake and want to get it just right for him. Thanks in advance

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