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Default Looking for my first pet lizard.

Hi guys, Im a newbie to keeping lizards and just want some advice on what species to get.So I never have kept a pet lizard before,but kept many other pets.I was interested in a Panther chameleon but I guess it's too hard for a newbie.The other main thing is that there are many people saying that most chamelons totally hate being handeled,wheras I really want a lizard that would be as handelable as a reptile could be.I can get a max 90 gallon viv,so I started looking at the blue tongue or beardie but those guys just don't interest me.So my main question is what l decent sized lizard (something the size of a beardie)can live in a 90 gallon and is okay with being handled?And also costs are not a problem for me and I am willing to do my research, as well as take care of the lizard for at least an hour a day which makes me wander if there is a slightiest chance of me keeping a chamelon sucessfully?If yes could it be a panther or is there any species that tolerates handeling the most?(btw, I was looking at getting an extra large reptibreeze for the chamelon:https://www.amazon.co.uk/zoomed-Zoo-..._1558385290684) Thanks for the help.
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I would highly recommend going with a bearded dragon for a beginner. Panther chameleons are among the most difficult exotic pets to take care of.

While bearded dragons have no splashy colors, they are relatively easy to care for and are very entertaining with their antics! An adult generally reaches a size of 60 cm, so be sure you have a roomy enclosure.

The three best reptiles for any beginner are crested geckos (my favorite maybe), leopard geckos and our friend, the bearded dragon. 😉
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Old 28-06-2019, 08:42 PM
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Uromastyx are pretty cool and get reasonably big. They are really beautiful lizards even though the colors aren't always really vibrant. I recommend the YouTube channel "Clint's Reptiles" for more information on all reptiles.
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If you are interested in a cham, then panthers are fairly robust. Yemen/veiled are also pretty tough going.
In all honesty there is no such thing as a beginner or starter species. All reptiles are simple to keep, provided they have the right environmental conditions. It is these that can be hard to get right. Get those right and the animal will thrive.
So if you are set on a panther, start researching, find out everything you can, especially on husbandry needs. Get the enclosure set up and running for several weeks to make sure the temperatures are spot on, that the lights are working, humidity is correct, and then look for a healthy animal.
Ensure you get a good quality captive bred specimen.
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"clint's reptiles" is good as he does review maybe also watch "Elle's Reptiles" her videos are also good!
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Plated lizards are pretty cool
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