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Lightbulb Defrosting Pinky's??

I fed my Lavender Corn Snake for the first time today. I went by the advice of an owner of a reptile store where we bought all of the supplies from. Now after feeding and reading more about how people defrost there mice, I'm seeing a lot of mixed opinions. The store owner said to put the pinky directly into warm (not hot) water for 10 minutes and then run it under warm water again for a few seconds to make sure it's body temp is warm. Is this a safe method? It seems like every article I pull up someone says a different method, while also saying other methods are wrong/unsafe. I just want to use the safest defrosting method possible. Thanks in advance!
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provided the pinkie is totally defrosted, either by leaving it out (under cover) for a couple of hours to defrost at room temperature, or by placing it in warm water for 10-20 minutes is the main thing. The choice of how you do it is up to you, and how much time you have.

Unlike pythons which respond to a thermal image when feeding, there is no need to have the pinkie really hot. Normal body temperature is fine.


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We now put the rats in a tub on top of the heat mat in the rack to defrost as tried all options and this way is ideal for us, get out during the day and then at night they eat, they also then smell the rat and all pop out for feeding time!
We did used to put in warm water but found some of our royals wouldn’t eat them wet.
We also tried hair drying but wouldn’t be hot enough for some of the royals either. Fussy they are

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