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Default Newbie with Sinai Agamas

Hi People, My names Dan (believe it or not).

I have recently been given 2 Sinai Agamas for my birthday. I believe they are both males due to the blue strips under the throat, and the fact that the last owner had them for a year and couldn't get them to breed.
I have had them since Tuesday now and they have had a couple of spurts of energy and curiosity, but for the majority of time they have spent it asleep.
They have come with a 2ft x 2ft x 2ft wooden enclosure.
Heating is running on a Cobrastat thermostat to keep the tank a consistent temp.
I have a 100watt ceramic bulb at the back of the tank above a rock for basking area.
There is also a heat pad.
I have a sand substrate and a low walled water bowl, tree, hiding area, etc.
I am not sure exactly what strip bulb I have as there are no ratings that I can see without taking it out but have been told it is a UVB, I will probably get a new one over the weekend just so in my own mind I know what it is. Plus the fact that I was reading the article on UVB bulbs and how it can affect beardies so has kind of made me wonder... What would people advise on this?
Anything else anyone would advise for me?
Below are some photos so you can get an idea.

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To be honest they could really do with a bigger viv. My 4 were in a 4 footer and used every square inch of it. I would be tempted to also add a few more branches, as they do like to climb.

No need for a heat mat as they need heat from above, same as a beardie.

You need to be aiming for temps of approx 105f in the basking area.

You will need a 10% uvb strip for them.

Also don't forget these guys will need to be offered veg as well as live food. As for the blue throat, females will also do this. Hope that helps..
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