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Old 25-06-2009, 03:58 PM
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blue tongue skinks
bearded dragons
chameleons (bit more challenging though)

these are all good medium lizards that will research will be good starters although some chameleons are known for being arsey so on the social side might not be best ... id recommend the blue tongue skink
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Originally Posted by shiftyraccoon View Post
I'd say go with a beardie too, cute when young then well handled and friendly when older!

Also, just for the record, axolotls aren't amphibian
So just for the record, exactly what do you think they are then?
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bearded dragons, rankins dragon ( like a half sized beardie with diamond patterns instead of stripes, very cute ). chuckwallas are lovely too and smell much better than beardies which to be honest smell sooooo bad i look after loads of them at work.
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