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Question Mice advice

I hope people don't mind me posting here. I don't actually own any reptiles, however I have just started breeding mice for my owl and I was hoping that someone on here might be able to help me as I imagine you breed mice for your reptiles.

One of my female mice had babies for the first time yesterday, i woke up this morning to find that the 10 babies were now 2 and ther were half eaten remains of the others in the cage! Yuk! why has she done this and how can I stop it? How am i going to keep the other 2 babies alive as they are freezing cold and she is giving them no attention.

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This happens quite a lot, especially if the mother gets spooked or the father is still in the cage etc.
Your best bet is to post in the other pets and exotics forum. Loads of mice and rat breeders there that will be able to help you.
Other Pets and Exotics - Reptile Forums UK
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Thanks i will go and take a look
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could be stress , first time mum, spooked, does she have food and water ok?, deformed etc, ive had it a few times, i put it down to too many cage mates, they have now all been split up, so fewer mice to a cage etc,
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It could well just be because its her first litter it may also be due to lack of protean. To overcome this some people offer cat biscuits as part of their feed.
Also are you sure it was the mother that killed the babies. Some times you will get a female in a group that never seems to produce and just goes around eating everyone elses babies.
Your best place to look on here is the feeder section. If you go back through the posts there's loads of info in that section that will help you.
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