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Default Feeding royal pythons

where can i get cheap mice/rats to feed adult royal pythons and what size should i be feeding them and how often
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depends on size, they usually cost about 2-3 quid, depends on size
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For cheaper than shop prices, your best bet would be to try some of the online stores, or find a feeder breeder in your area willing to sell you their excess.

(Go on, click the link, its nothing nasty and you'll be helping me out)
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Originally Posted by scotty110788 View Post
depends on size, they usually cost about 2-3 quid, depends on size
2-3 quid Think you need to start shopping around my friend. 47p for the biggest sized mice, and rats you wont need more than mediums for adult royals 78p
A & N Frozen Reptile Foods but you have to buy in bulk to get these kind of prices, in your local rep shop they will be more expensive.

To the OP, I have seen a few posts from yourself now and while questions are good you really could do with sitting down with the ball python manual which is available on amazon as it covers a lot of what you are asking in great detail. Then come back for the extra bits you need clarifcation on. You really should spend some time researching before buying a royal as they can at times be awkward little sods and I wouldnt want you to accidentally end up with a nightmare royal by not finding out about the good and bad sources, and what to look for in a healthy royal.
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thank you for ur feedback i have recently ordered a book on royal pythons but there will be things i need touched on like where i can get bargains so if anyone knows a website or store i can mass buy mouse then please let me know
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Old 22-06-2009, 10:04 PM
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You should be aiming to feed your royal a prey item which is roughly 1x to 1.5x the widest part of the snake. Royals can be notoriously picky however, so some experimentation may be needed. Some will only feed of mice and not rats, some will only take smaller items, some will only eat rodents with colour on them and not completely white. Each snake is different and you should be familiar with and prepared for royal's eating habits and tendancy to fast when sexually mature.

They are great snakes and many feed with no problems, but you should be aware of possible issues. I often have disagreements with my two about when I think they should be eating and when they do!

Personally I would look locally for a supplier of food.. it can be much easier to buy small amounts of mice/rats in from a local shop, than to worry about bulk buying, shipping and storing large amounts - especially for a single snake.
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