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Default ceramic heating advice?

hi this is a newbie question so im in the newbie place.

if say i have a 60 watt ceramic heater and i put the thermostat probe at one end to reach say 80F and the enclosure is too big (6x3x3)for example will the ceramic be on 24/7 and still not reach the temperature because of the wattage?

also if i have a higger wattage say 250 watts for only a 3x2x2 and i set the thermostat for 80F does this mean it will be on for less time or that it wont use all of the 250 watts only a small amount of the watt.

basically my crazy question is if i sue a under watt will it work non stop and still manage to get it or not, or will a higger watt not use as much watts as it says?

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if you have a lower wattage C.H.E. in a large viv. it will spend all day/night running.. and cost you more in the long run

place a 250w C.H.E in a 2x1x1 it will only run for short periods of time.. the bigger heaters take longer to cool down. so your viv will stay warmer for longer before the ceramic has to kick in again

Ideally place a larger ceramic on a pulse prop stat... they only apply a little bit of power to "top up" the heater but cost a few pennies more .. ( but think of the cost saving on the elec bill )

you could use a dimming stat but you will be running the ceramic for longer periods just at a lower power level.

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I have to disagree I'm afraid. All thermostats (despite some commonly held misconceptions) can fail "on" dependent on the component which becomes faulty. This means that they supply full power to the heating element without regulation.

For this reason you should always buy a bulb which has a [i]suitable[/] wattage rating for the size of the enclosure - in the event of a thermostat failure the temperature will rise in the viv, but to an extent that does not kill or permamently damage your reptiles. It may take some experimenting to find the correct wattage for your enclosure, but generally for a 3x2x2 a 100w or 150w should be adequate. A good shop should let you exchange and you can always check this when you purchase.

I would also say that the cost saving between running a correctly rated wattage bulb and a overly-powerful one is less than you may think - the more powerful bulb may run for less of the time, but will draw more current when it does. I certainly don't think the levels of saving are worth potential risk to health.
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