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Originally Posted by Armed_with_a_mind View Post
beardies really do make lovely pets, I bought mine a few weeks ago and I'm totally in love with him lol :-D As for the age to get them, I had some trouble deciding on this myself, but I'd recommend getting a baby. When buying an adult you can't be certain how well they have been cared for in the past, and I imagine it may take longer/be more difficult to bond with them. I also think that seeing them grow and develop their character is nice to watch. Enjoy

p.s Beardies can have supervised, shallow baths (with baby-warm water up to their arm pits I believe) to help them poop, make it easier for them to shed, and to clean them up. You can either use a soft toothbrush or a cotton bud to help get muck off (they can also be used to gently remove any remaining shed that may cause them probs/to loose toes or tip of tail but don't pull or force the dead skin off as it may cause damage - more of a last resort really).

Hope this helps
Beardies come from a dry arid environment, they have adapted to shed their skin in this environment over millions of years.

If you had a lizard from a hi humidity environment, (like a water dragon), and it was in shed, would you take it out of it's viv and put it in the oven to dry him out? Didn't think so, so why on earth do people like yourself insist on dishing out advice like the post above for an arid living animal

THEY DO NOT NEED A BATH TO SHED THEIR SKIN, in the wild a beardie would never see enough water in it's life time to bath in, think about it.

As I said to the poster above, think befor you post

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Originally Posted by Cacidy View Post
Hi, I'm new around here lol

I've been doing some reptile 'research' for a while now and I've decided that I want a bearded dragon - common I've read but a great starter too. Plus all them little spikes, they are too cute!

I've researced his habitat and what not, his diet and all the rest. The only thing I cant seem to find the answer to, or maybe get my head around is this...

At night, once I've turned his (I'm presuming I'll get a boy) lights off, what is the minimum temperature the vivarium can fall to? In winter our house gets really cold at night, dropping to below 15 celcius. I'm guessing that this would be too cold and I'd have to provide some overnight heating for the boy?

While I'm at it, I'm also not getting the humidity 'thing'. I've read that the humidity should be at around 60% - how do I achieve this. Is it just a combination of misting and lights or has a water bowl got anything to do with it as well?

Thanks in advance, for any advice
Hi, in the wild the temps can drop to freezing in the winter at night in the outback, he/she will be fine.

Do not spray your beardie, some will sugest spraying to give your chap a drink, but all you need is a small exo terra water bowl in the cool end of the viv.

As for the age, as one person has already said, if you get one that is older than a year, then there is a chance that it has been owned by one of the questionable experts above , this will mean that they will be in less than ideal condition, even a lot of pet shops haven't got a clue. I would get one at about 3~4 months, at this age it is possible to sex them, they will be past the most dangerous part of their lives, they are still cute, and they wont have been around long enough to have been abused...Too much

Good luck


P.S. I will P.M. you a setup guide.
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i only mist to give a slight hue on various areas and this is done very rarely. They are afterall desert dwellers.
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