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Old 02-07-2009, 06:05 PM
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Default boa morph care

hi everyone, im new here, just wanted to know if the care for a boa morph is the same as all other boas? i,e temperatures, humidity, rub size etc.
i just recently got a dwarf pastel fusion boa, has a great feeding record, fed for me 3 days after being home.
now i left it 48hrs after eating before handling, i handled her today and she seemed happy enough. so i thought id put her into the viv i have setup waiting for her, which is 2ft long, 1.5 tall and a foot wide, aspen bedding, 4 hides, large water bowl and climbing branch. 88 hot end 82 cool end. and she regurgitated her last meal around 2 hours after being in the viv.
im guessing its alot of stress for her, but was thinking maybe the temps are wrong or something.
iv put her back in her small breeding box iv had her in since she came home, and she doesnt go in the hide, just curled up on the cool side, warm side in the rub is between 85-86, is this too much?

i dont want another non feeder like my royal is.
can anyone point me in the direction of a good care sheet for morph dwarf boas, and royals to if its about.
or anything i should be making sure is 100%
im going to leave the boa 7 days before another feed, is that long enough?

the royal doesnt even taste when i open the rub. with or without food...
strange animals!

hope someone can help me out without making me feel inadiquite like some other sites.
thanks in advance.

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Old 04-07-2009, 10:16 AM
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Yes, morph care is the same as normal wild-type care. One exception in snakes is that albino morphs can be more light-sensitive than normals.

Your snake should have finished digesting its feed after 48 hours. I would leave it two weeks before offering another feed, as it will need to build up its digestive juices again. Check your temperatures firstly, with a digital thermometer. Ensure that the probe is at floor level directly under/over the heat source.

Try a smaller prey item with your boa, it may be that she regurged because it was too big. Failing that, if after a fortnight break she regurges again, a trip to the vet with a stool sample would rule out any internal issues.

As for your royal, have you seen the sticky thread in the snake section on feeding problems? What have you tried fro this thread so far? Can you describe the viv, temperatures, and general husbandry you are keeping them in?
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