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Question Crested gecko beginner

Okay. As promised, here are my questions about keeping a crested gecko. Most of it is stuff that leads on from the various bits and pieces I've read - just little details I'm still not sure about. The idea is that, at the end, I will know a) what's best for a crestie, and b) whether or not I can provide it.

Starting from the biggest question/problem...


1) I share a house with someone who doesn't like bugs. And mean properly does not like bugs. This pretty much precludes any possibility of feeding a gecko crickets. So, what I'd like to know is everyone's opinion on feeding a gecko primarily/exclusively on CGD. I know this can slow a gecko's growth, but how does it affect quality of life? Does it delay the maturation of the gecko as well?

2) This one follows from above. If a gecko is fed on CGD instead of crickets, what proportion of the diet can/should be fruit? And to what extent should the fruit be supplemented, if at all?

3) From what I've found so far, the vast majority of juvenile crested geckos on the market are raised largely on crickets. That being the case, how would I go about getting them on to CGD? This is a potentially big problem I think, since I would not be able to put it back on crickets if it rejected the new diet completely.

4) Again, following on from above, what if a crested gecko that was feeding on CGD suddenly turns its nose up at it? I might be getting a bit neurotic now, but I'm sure I've read of that happening.

5) Hopping back a couple, I know that geckos that don't eat crickets grow more slowly due to the relative lack of protein in the their diet. Are there any alternative, safe sources of protein available?

6) This is one I'd be interested in hearing (or reading) your opinions on. I've seen cans of pre-snuffed-it crickets for sale. Now, I'm guessing that these guys won't have the same nutritional value of the live ones, since they are cooked and there's no way to know if they were gut loaded prior to going to the big tub in the sky. Has anyone tried feeding them to a gecko before? If so, did it accept them? And has anyone tried that weird, vibrating feeding dish?


1) I've read that juveniles get stressed if they are placed in a viv that's too large. What size of viv would be considered too big? At what age/size would a gecko be propmoted to a full sized viv?

2) Where is the best place to stick a heat mat (ahem)? I've heard talk that geckos that sit on vertical glass for prolonged periods are prone to floppy tail syndrome (FTS). Is this true? If so, would putting it on the back of exposed glass be a good idea if it tempts the gecko to sit there for too long? Could it go behind the fake rock background of an Exo Terra habitat, or would that attenuate too much heat? Would it just be better to use a bulb?

3) Should there a be a damp hide in the viv pemanently, or just when a gecko is shedding?


1) Going back to the cricket issue again, in lieu of crickets to chase around for fun, what else can be done to stimulate a geckos mind? I'd hate for it to be bored

That's everything for now, I think. Thanks for having the patience to read this far! All advice, ideas and opinions are welcome. I defer to your infinite wisdom
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1) you can but it will be hard, you will have to find a gecko that you know eats the stuff first, my didnt like it atall so its diet is crickets only

4) youre screwed

6) never tried it

1) the gecko should be fine in its full time setup after i dunno 3 months old

2) on the side of the tank

1) give it plenty of branches and plants to jump about on

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Default Thanks

4) youre screwed
Well put.

Thanks for the advice, Lew. Looks like I've got a bit more thinking/negotiating to do.
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Old 07-07-2009, 08:56 PM
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We have had our 3 crested geckos for 3 weeks now, we brought them from Lilly Exotics and we were told they were all feeding on CGD since hatchling, although supplemented with crickets dusted twice a week. They also were given mango puree but we are only giving that once every week or so as it doesn't hold much nutritional value compared to CGD. So at least we knew they were established with the CGD and we didn't need to worry about them not eating it.

We have our 3 in a 30x30x45 exoterra (this is the size they have been in since they hatched in a group of 6, and we are prepared to buy more vivs etc as soon as they hit adolescence depending on their sex and temperament.) with lots of fake plants and hides on the floor and they are fine, are eating and active.

We don't have ours on a heat mat at the moment as the room they are in is always warm and so far hasn't dropped below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, although we may need to in winter. A bulb isn't recommended for geckos from what I have read, as the can get so hot and crested geckos can die in temperatures of 82 degrees Fahrenheit +
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Default i have had the same dilemma

well before i got my baby i was concerned about feeding exclusivekly on cgd.

I got my lil 6 month old male and i dont much like crix myself so i feed only cgd(until the other day)...i have to say all ive read suggests feeding only repashy CGD or sandfire but not komodo CGD ive read its not as appetisiing.... not that i eat CGD too!

THAT SAID....i fed mine crickets for a treat only a couple of days ago....and he caught them and swallowed them almost before they hid the floor of the viv! so i gueess you could say he was a little bored, despite my best efforts at putting loads of plants and climby things in there with him

a 30x30x45 exo would be fine i should think, and if your concerned about stressing the baby out in a large viv then you could always put a smaller 'faunarium' into the exo and pack loads of leaves into the viv to help the gecko to feel hidden.+

The floppy tail thing im not sure about...not heard anything like that...i certainly hope it isnt true as mine has stopped sleeping any of his 7 hides the last few days
now he sleeps behind leafcover on the side of the viv, and usually upside down!

Hope this sheds a little light on your questions and i dont think you have any reason to NOT get a crestie....size isnt everything and i think most could be weaned onto a CGD only diet with time and patience.
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Old 08-07-2009, 01:17 PM
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I have 3 cresties so will try to answer as many of your questions as possible.

My cresties are fed mainly on CGD with the occasional fruit puree. They seem to get on fine with this but when i bought them i ensured that i was buying cresties that already ate it, so if u dont want to feed live food then i wud suggest u do the same. Also to make the CGD more apetising i wud suggest u get the repashy 2 part as u can change the flavour then. I am not sure about the dead crickets, i have seen these to but never tried them. It may be worth getting some to give them a try. However ensure they are not to big for ur gecko to avoid impaction.

My cresties so far have not needed a heat mat as my house is warm enough however if u need one put it on the side of the tank. Floppy tail syndrome is caused if they do not use their tail enough so as long as u put plenty of plants and branches for them to climb it will b fine (or atleast this is how i understand it).

My cresties do not use their hides at all. they hide in the plants in their viv. Cresties need humidity all the time and so u should mist their viv, once a day for adults and twice a day for young cresties. I dont have a moist hide at all, the misting is how they get their required humidity.

For my babies i use a large faunarium and then move them into their full sized viv (45x45x60) as they reach maturity. However if after the move they go off there food for a while i move them back and try again later.

I hope that helps. Anymore questions feel free to pm me and i'll do my best.
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Thanks everyone!
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sorry to but in but how long will a pot of crestie diet last?

its quite expensive on top of my 3 boxes of crickets a week would it last around 3 weeks
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It obviously depends on how many cresties you have, i have 3 and it last quite a while. I would say about 3 weeks, but i do give live food and fruit as well.
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