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Default Leopard Gecko Eggs

Hi, i brought a pair of leopard geckos yesterday i was told she was holding eggs. well i cleaned the viv out and replaced the wood chippings that it came with to newspaper, i got up this morning and found 2 eggs under the newspaper and on the heat mat, they seem to be a bit hard and dry just wondering if they are any good?. ive made a home made incubator using a old cricket box and perlite (and added the right amount of water). have they got a good chance of surviving? there at about mid 80's would you carry on incubating them and see if anything comes of them?

sorry for all the questions
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I would, depending on how shrivelled they are.Give it a go, try putting some moist sphagnum moss over the top, as this can make the eggs bounce back.
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they arnt shrivelled atall
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so if it hasnt shrivelled and its retained its shape do they stand a better chance
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Old 10-07-2009, 12:40 PM
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Yes they do stand a chance. Has the female been in with a male? as sometimes they can lay even if they haven't. You could try candling them in a couple of days to see if they're fertile. I am assuming that you have the cricket box inside the viv which can be a bit hit and miss. If they are fertile then they would stand more chance in a proper incubator - a home made one can work very well. Good luck
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