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Originally Posted by queenquack View Post
yep agreed on all counts.
reptiles hav the potential to caryy sallmonella and paracites, u can actull get them test at a reptile vets. as long as u wash ur hands and clean out daily u reduse the risk of zoonotic infection.
DONT use a sand substrate, a very common problem with geckos and other reptiles kept in captivity is impaction. ether they perposly eat subsrate and get bunged up or do it by accident while hunting. and dont under estimate there swallowing ability! i have personly seen a beardie with a peise of wood chipping stuck in its bottom! surgury is expensive and risky so best avoid the problem. i keep mine on kitchen towel and just remove the peise he poos on. i do a full, deep clean each week.
yes they should pick a spot and use it, this may change if the viv is drasticly re-organised!
hope i havnt repted too much! best of luck xxx

When you clean out the tank thoroughly what do u use to clean and dissinfect? and this must go for anything you also put into the tank..i will get me a heatmatt too! great advise X
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