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Default Beardie Advice Needed

Hi there im New to bearded Dragons and hope someone may help

We picked up an approximatly 6 month bearded dragon from the pet store Sunday and placed her in the new enviroment

she seemed to settle quickly last night and ate some crickets just fine then slept ok through the night

Monday though she had not eaten any veggies (some rocket some butternut squash a small amount of pear some cress and some cuttlefish grated on it sprayed with water) at all and as far as i can tell has not drunk any water (i gave her a spray with some water just in case) she has also not had a poo as far as i can tell in over 24 hours

is this all just her settling into a new enviroment i go to see her several times an hour and talk to her a lot and sometimes she will sit and let me stroke her but she seems tense and will bolt away very easily

am i hoping for too much too quick is this all just a setteling down to a new home thing .. i worry a lot that she has not eaten and was puzzled that she was so docile and is now so skittish


at the moment (about 36 hours since coming home) she has had a poo and will just lay about the habitat basking she still shows no interest in food and as far as i can tell has only eaten i cricket since yesterday morning she is showing zero interest in greens

she is not very active at all but did fall asleep quickly last night again (she is so adorable when she is sleeping) does she prefer a small cave/hide to sleep in ? as at the moment she just curls up at the far end of the Habitat away from the heatlamp but out in the open

i give her small spray with water once a day just to make sure she is getting moisture as she is not eating but i do worry that she is not eating i know that i will expirience a huge wave of relief when she does finally start to eat

i still talk gently to her several times a day and stroke her very carefully she now closes her eyes when i do this (i read that this was a sign that she could be picked up)

also the stick that she has in her habitat has a lot of nooks in it i was convinced that i had removed all the crickets from there but still find one every now and then would i be better served with a smoother stick with less hiding places .... i understand that the crickets will bite her as she sleeps

By the way no one told me how goddamn beautiful these creatures were i have fallen in love with her so quicky and sorry that i have so many questions i am just terrified of doing this wrong and hurting her ..
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Old 15-07-2009, 08:46 AM
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Beardies can suffer from "relocation stress" when they are first moved into a new home - it can take up to a week or two for them to settle in. You can help by keeping them quiet and not stressing them too much - as tempting as it is to always be watching her and picking her up, it won't be doing her much good whilst she's adjusting to her new home.

A smoother stick might be a good idea whilst she's settling in - once she has her appetite back you might find that she eats everything before it gets a chance to hide!

Do you have any photos of her and her cage? They should show if anything is obviously wrong, so we can give you advice on any changes to make.
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Old 15-07-2009, 08:58 AM
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i got a rescue on saturday and he has been the same its like hadesdragon says they can get a little fussy over being moved, it took my other beardies about 5 or 6 days to start to eat live food and about another 3 weeks to even look at there veg! now they can't get enough of it lol
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Smile Eating

i know this sounds rediculous but when my dragons first came home i had a sililar prob. I threw a duvet cover over the viv to give them ultimate privacy and i started to hear little muchies. I found once mine got over the initial shock of eating in a different home it was clear sailing and now i cant slow them down, they both eat for England. I dont know if this is the case with your beardie but it worked for me and definatly worth a try.
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ooh i'm glad i read this thread 2 babies on sunday and they started off eating well but it seems to have slowed down a bit.

they are both pooing fine (poppy loves to poo on basking stone and spiderman in the salad bowl )

poppy is the bigger of the two and can eat 8-10 crix in 15 mins whereas spiderman only eats 1 maybe 2 (she is a bit smaller). i feed 3 times a day.

temps are fine and am starting to think spiderman is a vegatarian who likes to poo on her food

Jac x
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Originally Posted by HadesDragons View Post

Do you have any photos of her and her cage? They should show if anything is obviously wrong, so we can give you advice on any changes to make.
This is her Habitat as it stands at the moment she appears to spend 99% of the time where she is in this photo

the temp in the tank was set at 86 by the petstore but after speaking to out local reptile vet i have started pushing that up to about 90

she very rarley seems to spend time basking on the stone though

this morning for the first time in over 60 hours she ate some crickets , im not sure if i did the right thing but i did not let her go mental and just gave her 8 crickets and stopped as i hoped she may have taken some of the veggies

tonight i will feed her until she stops eating

someone said that i should be physically dropping the tank temp at night to about 76 but im not sure i understood that right i figured the tank was big enough that at one end it would be warm eenoug for her and at the other cool enough to sleep

she seems to have no issues settling at night i tend to leave the UV on from 8 am to 8 pm

anyway heres a photo and thanks for the advice so far .... sorry the photo is so bad its a naff camera

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Old 17-07-2009, 12:11 AM
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You should be taking the temperature at the basking spot too. Should be 105-115.
All lights should go out at night.
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Originally Posted by Freespirit View Post
All lights should go out at night.

Even the heat lamp light ?
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Originally Posted by Mr Cairo View Post
Even the heat lamp light ?

Yeah all heat and lighting off at night.


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yes all out at night as long as the temps dont drop below 60f.

110 at the hot end (spot lamp) and 75 ish at the cool end.

10% UV on 14 hours a day.

take the calci sand out today. If you have to use sand use Play sand from Argos. Its cheaper and less dangerous.

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