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Default Equipment for Viv - advice?


I'm hopefully going to be getting my first corn snake within the next week or so and at the moment I'm getting the viv ready. I've read up on what kind of equipment is need (thermostats, heat mats, etc) but I've no idea what to go for. I've found an exotic pets store online but I'm not sure I'm buying the right stuff. I was thinking of purchasing the following:

Exo Terra Thermometer Dial - One each for hot and cool ends.

Exo Terra Hygrometer Dial

Habistat Thermostat - The Mat Stat 100 Watt

As for the heat mat it would either be:
Exo Terra Desert Heatwave Mat
Komodo Radiant Heat Mats
Microclimate Heat Mats

Is this the right equipment or me to use? Am I missing anything (besides hides and the water bowl)? Which mat is better?

Any advice is welcome!

Thank you
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Don't bother with the dial thermometer and hygrometer, get a digital instead - I'm sure the site you're getting the dials from stocks them. They might be twice as expensive, but much more accurate.
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As above forget the dial ones but you don't need to spend a fortune on reptile branded digital ones. I've got a few digital ones sold as fridge freezer ones and they work just fine and cost about £3. Those were from eBay.

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Thanks for the advice!

I picked up a couple of digital thermometers for the price of one of the dials.
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