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Originally Posted by Reptileaddict View Post
ooopppsss !! Sorry posted in the wrong section thank you for the welcome
You're allowed to post in the wrong section when you're new!! Only once though. Don't do it again or it'll be...
Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.
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Default HI all nice to meet you all

hi all
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hi & 2 the mob.
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Old 16-08-2009, 04:23 PM
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Old 18-08-2009, 06:06 PM
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1.2.0 Corns (Roxy,Nova and Dakota)
1.0.0 BRB (Phoenix)
0.1.0 Royal (Trinity)
1.0.0 Common boa (Rocky)
0.2.0 Leopard geckos (Bonnie and Speackle)
0.1.0 Tabby Cat (Tilly)
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Old 18-08-2009, 11:38 PM
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Hello, good evening and welcome...
Kids or Reptiles.. kids or Reptiles...?? Damn.. I'll miss those kids....


5.7.0 Bearded Dragons (Gizmo, Birik, Diesel, Ozzie, Ulhuru, Sabina, Ursula, Layla, Mojave, Kahli, Tanami and Sahara)
2.4.1 Chinese Water Dragons (Tenzin, Gar, Lei,
Keshi, Tae, Tan and Jade)
0.2.2 Yellow Bellied Sliders (Boss, Bob, Loki and Gaia)

1.2.1 Common Musk Turtles (Cobi, Bolt, Yoda and Sumo)
1.0.0 Maps Turtle (Ridgeley)
1.1.0 Leopard Tortoises (Bob and Anna)

1.1.0 Children Ciaran and Charlize

The name is Turpin, Patrick Turpin... Feel free to come and say hi on Facebook..
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