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Default morph and sex

these are my beardies shrek and fiona they are both 8-9 months old i know shrek is male but not sure on fiona i think she is female if not i will have to rename her he is so much bigger than her and they come from the same family. can someone hopefully tell me fionas sex and what morph they are.

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oh shrek is the big one lol
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Both look like normal morphs; to sex them you need photos with the tail raised like in these:

Determining the Sex of Your Bearded Dragon - Hades Dragons UK

If you know Shrek is a boy, you should really think about separating them, especially with there being a large size difference.

If Fiona is a boy as well, they will almost certainly end up fighting eventually, even if they appear good friends most of the time. Males can do a lot of damage in a fight, even if there's never been trouble before.

If Fiona is a girl they may not fight, but you are likely to get other problems, such as Shrek dominating her (it sounds like this may already be happening as he's so much larger), as well as hassling her to mate etc. Males can become sexually mature at a fairly young age - certainly a lot younger than a safe breeding age for a female. This can present a lot of problems, if Fiona ends up becoming pregnant before she is mature. As they are related they should not be allowed to breed in any case.
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Default beardies

as you can see in my first pic i have raised her tail, and my beardies are fine they have seperate vivs.
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