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Old 06-08-2009, 08:49 PM
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Question need advice on water dragons

hi I have a 2 & a Half foot water dragon and have him in an 18w x 24h x 18d is this a little small? any advice would be apriciated
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Old 06-08-2009, 09:16 PM
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I do not personally keep water water dragons however from reading the forum the minimum recomended viv size 5 ft long, 3 ft deep and 4ft high this makes sure that the lizard has enough space to turn around full and move. Your viv is a bit small as the lizard can not lay out fully extended this can cause problems as it will not be able to thermoregulate correctly. Nor can a thermal gradient be created. If you have a look through the "Habitat"section there are many impressive examples of suitable housing.

Hope this helps, Stephen
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Old 07-08-2009, 01:30 AM
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I hope you arent being serious!

18" long?

That is 1 and a half feet. You say your dragon is 2 and a half feet!?!

That means the length of your dragon is a foot longer than the length of your tank, and its highly likely its not even fully grown yet. Use your brains

To put it simply, YES, that is far too small! Sort it out or rehome him, thats just cruel.

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Old 07-08-2009, 03:19 AM
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I'd like to know how a 30" water dragon fits in an 18" vivarium you stupid troll.
As in other thread^
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Old 07-08-2009, 04:16 AM
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yeah man upgrade pronto, these guys are arboreal and need a lot of space. Lizards generally grow very quickly and exercise is really important to them as well as being able to control their body temperature.

it should be high and when done properly aboreal lizards should behave like this:

it should move up to warm up and down to cool down, much like it would do in the rainforest canopy.

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Old 07-08-2009, 05:29 AM
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i have one cwd at 2 foot long and my cage is 6 foot high 4 foot wide 3 foot deep and is plenty of room. Seriously need a big cage i found my cwd was alot happier when moved into a nice big viv. You do need to upgrade asap mate. Otherwise your gonna have one angry lil wd.

Hope helps

my cage is on my album made it myself.
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Old 07-08-2009, 07:24 AM
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Sounds like a wind-up to me (i hope so anyway!).....and people are taking the bait ! lol
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