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Default Leopard Gecko Heating Advice

Hi There,

We're about to get some leopard geckos and just wanted some advice on heating. Have done lots of research and currently have a heat mat, red lightbulb and an on/off thermostat.
Originally was just going to use the heat mat but our local reptile store said that heat mats are bad so use a red lightbulb only.
So my question is should I be using heatmat, red lightbulb or both. And is an on/off rather than dimming thermostat acceptable?

Thanks very much.

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I have my Leo on a heat thats on a on/off stat without any problems. Heat mats can be bad for certain herps but leos are fine with them
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Originally Posted by Nihlus View Post
I have my Leo on a heat thats on a on/off stat without any problems.
ditto ~ I have every single one of my leopard gecko vivs etc heated by heatmats on stats
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unfortunetly most reptile store will say " buy a red buld" or " buy a heating bulb" they wont your money, mostly go by advice on here first just to make sure, my leos are on heat matt and there fine as long as theres a cool area for them so they can adjust, they also need heat from underneath to help with digestion otherwise may look like they are pooing what they have just eaten

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Same here; I use heat mats controlled by mat stats for all my leos.

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i use heatmatson with stat my leos
sorry if my spelling is wrong im dyslexsic
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